Games with Gold - Dust and Saints Row 3 - May
  • Make sure you at least start the download. You can cancel it and it will be yours to download whenever you want.
  • updated for August
  • Finally a game I don't own. Lol
  • You had Defense Grid?
  • Who doesn't!?!??
  • It bothers me that you have to start these downloads to be qualified. It's probably some system limitation, but if I was member in August, and you were a member in August, we can both download it in May because you started and then stopped it? Dumb.
  • I didn't have defense grid. But I'm not a fan of tower defense games.
  • Well then. Joke fail
  • Crackdown is a really good game. If you haven't played it you really should. I completed all of the story and most of the activities. I still have some orb hunting and misc achievements to tie up.

    It's free. Try it, love it
  • This is the one you had to have to have the Reach beta right?

    I played the hell out of this.
  • Yup, that's the one
  • I loved this game. Crackdown 2 not so much. But I didn't give 2 as much a chance to wow me.
  • *Updated for Dead Rising*
  • IIRC the halo 3 beta came with crackdown. The reach beta came with odst.
  • Randy, you can also download the games from
  • There is no reason everyone can't start the download and stop it. You can download it later at any time.
  • Will these transfer to XBO? I dled it but will prolly never play it
  • Nope. But the game is tied to your account so who knows down the line. I doubt it tho.
  • I will probably trade in my 360 for credit for more games after/when/if I get XBO. OH WELL
  • I would but I have too many games to play on it. Ill be on both for a while.
  • Think the only games I haven't finished is far cry and dead island
  • In September Xbox Live Gold Members can download "Magic 2013" and "Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas" for free

    LOL terrible.
  • R6 Vegas is damn fine splitscreen gaming tho
  • Terrorist hunt is fun split screen. But damn this is the first one...not even RB6 Vegas 2.

    I tried playing it a while ago seeing it was one of my favorites, and it hasn't aged well.
  • Nothing to see here this month....move along.

    World of Keiflings and Iron's like their not even trying.
  • World of Keflings is so fucking weird.

    That said, if any of you didn't play Iron Brigade when it first came out, GET IT. It's super fun.

    I totally agree that it feels like they're not really trying, though.
  • Gears of War and Shoot Many Robots free in December
  • My Xbox is now offline and upstairs to be used as Claire's DVD player
  • Wait, Gears of War 1? GTFO.
  • We can contrast that to the Sony approach where they only have one good launch game and it's free. Microsoft gives you a game that is $3 at GameStop.
  • Microsoft put off releasing the February list for 2 days. I'm pretty sure it's because Sony brought the pain. Holy crap that's a good free list for PS+.

    The February games should be announced today. I'm interested to see what they have. My guess is Shadow Complex and Forza Horizon.
  • I may have to get my 360 back out if they start dropping big games
  • Oh, I'm not saying they are, chances are it'll be two old games nobody cares about. Sony is pounding them into the dirt with this. I hope MS changes their strategy.
  • Games With Gold to Become 'More True' To Gamers' Expectations

    At least they are admitting it.
  • Glad to see they are working on making it better.  I would lie if I didnt say that PS Plus is a SMALL factor in my wanting a PS4 (and I am still holding off for now... not enough exclusives to warrant a purchase)  But their free game program sounds pretty awesome (from what I have heard).
  • Finally good games this month. I already have Deadlight from a sale last year, but I'm glad to get Hitman for free. I was having a lot of fun with that game until my save got corrupted and I lost everything. I sold the game to amazon that day. Now I can finish up some achievements. 
  • I wonder if they fixed the cornfield bug. I really enjoyed this game.
  • I hope so.

    It's gonna take me some time to get to where I was before I lost everything. I was on the track to 1000 points on it before it crapped out. The only non story related achievement I need is to find all of the evidence. 
  • I heard Dust is pretty good. SR3 is awesome, but I assume that most people have it. 
  • Dust was great
  • I never played sr3. I'm going to have to get this!
  • I wanna check out Dust
  • Tomorrow is the last day for Saints Row. 

    Get! Get! Get!!

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