What are you playing?
  • Rayman Origins: I knew I would love this game. I really wish I didn't wait so long to put it in. I think I'm about 1/2 way and there's so much more to do after you complete the game. Going back and replaying all of the levels to max out the gold and pink things is going to be a lot of work, but it plays right into my obsessive nature so I HAVE to do it. It's a pick up and play for 5 minutes game. So it's something I can come back to while playing other games. 

    Spec Ops The Line: It's a tad cooler than your typical bro-shooter. The acting and dialog are great and the story so far has been awesome. Other than the shooting mechanic the controls are pretty bad. I've died more than a few times because my guy didn't do what I was telling him to. For instance under cover you have your back to a wall/barricade, you either have your left or right shoulder to the wall depending on which way you are facing. Well, if you are facing left and you want move away from cover as a guy with a shotgun approaches, your character moves away from the wall and does a 360 spinning around so that you are looking over the right shoulder again. I got stuck in a part for about 30 minutes because of this problem. It would spin around and completely disorient me and I would get blasted by a shotgun every time. For a game that relies on twitch reflexes in situations like this it's just a bad way to do things. I had to move to a different side of the room I was in to completely avoid the shotgun guy to even get past that part. Other than those instances where the controls work against me I am having a lot of fun with this game. Great story, great graphics and setting. I only paid $10 for it, so win!
  • This weekend more Road to the Show, Child of Light (possibly), and Stick it to the Man.
  • Mostly Titanfall lately. I'm really looking forward to playing the new maps.
  • Mario Golf on the 3DS. And hopefully some Civ V.

    And I'm entering a tournament for the Star Wars card game I've been playing a lot in the past year but I'm pretty sure I'm going to get spanked because my deck is pretty weak.
  • Diablo...  and Diablo...  annnnnd Candy Crush Saga
  • I finished Strider. Started playing Super Time Force (which is super cool) and just bought FIFA 14. Still plying Titanfall a bit here and there.
  • Just got given Wolfenstein to review. Waiting till Watch Dogs. Still trying to get some Titanfall time in now that DLC is out
  • I got home from a job site pretty early yesterday so I played some more Spec Ops. Holy crap that game has a pretty intense story. I've had to make a few choices that left me wondering if I made the right one. Nothing that alters the story much, but still when you sit and think about the choice you have to make, it's pretty crazy. I am definitely coming up to the last few missions.

    Next up is Far Cry 3 :nudge:
  • Spec Ops is so goddamn good.  And now that Wolfenstein is getting such good reviews, I'm considering checking that game out, via Redbox if it's short.
  • The Show '14, Stick it to the man, and Resogun.  (really enjoying all 3 of those...)

    Am debating between buying Super Time Force, Child of Light, or Transistor....  Leaning Transistor.at the moment.

    Hoping to get my hands on South Park sooner or later... That and one of the previously mentioned games may help me hold off for a bit on Watch Dogs.
  • I have too many 360 bargain bin games. I can wait for Wolfenstein to be in the bargain bin before I jump. I completely wrote it off and I'm happy to see the good reviews. 
  • That's exactly me same play (with Wolfenstein) Josh.

    Glad it seems to be decent/good... but I wasnt planning on getting it, and can wait.
  • Almost pulled the impulse-trigger on Wolfenstein last night.  Decided to hold off for the before-mentioned inevitable price drop.

    Still having that nagging feeling that I want a Wii U for Mario, Pikmin, and the upcoming Smash Brothers.
  • Playing career in FIFA 14. Controlling just my guy. Kinda hard!
  • I'm mostly playing Titanfall still. Just one more challenge to get done and I'll hit gen 5... The new maps are great! One of them is built with sections of existing maps, with what looks like the training rooms, joining them together. It's unique and a lot of fun to play on.

    I finished the CoD Ghosts campaign. Very meh.

    I've also been playing Hearthstone and Hitman Go on my iPad. Both are fantastic.
  • I finished Spec Ops last night. The ending was exactly what I thought it was going to be, but that didn't ruin it for me. It was still a great story. One of the best I've played in a game outside of Bioshock. Definitely in my top 10 stories ever. If the gameplay was as good as the story I'd be going nuts over it. Just a few misc achievements to mop up (maybe an hour) and I'll be done.

    Not sure what's next. I was thinking FarCry 3 but now I'm thinking Arkham City. Not sure.
  • Watchdogs in two days!

    Hope it's not shit
  • I've heard so much about Spec Ops. I'm afraid to play it.  Is it depressing?

    I started playing Bioshock Infinite again, I wanted to play through it on 1999 mode... I know I'm old, but fuck, I can't play that game on that settings. The shooting is too shit I think.

    Maybe the mouse and keyboard is the problem.  I'm gonna try with a controller tonight.

  • Spec Ops: I didn't feel too down after playing through it. Some of the choices you make in the game are pretty grim. It definitely shows how fucked up some areas of the world can be when there is nobody watching. Basically it was a destroyed Dubai that was taken over by two rogue military groups and they are using the locals as bait and hostages to get you to hurt the other side. That's about all I can explain without spoiling it. 
  • I meant to reply more. 

    I still plan on playing though 1999 mode. I've heard that it's easier with the free upgrades that came with the DLC packs. I need to go through and play 1999 and the DLC.

    So I started over with Brothers cause I had no cue wtf was going on and I missed an achievement. I think I'm about 1/3 to 1/2 way through. I decided to knock that one out real quick before I started something new. 
  • Started Watch Dogs...

    So far I am digging it.

    I think 8-8.5 is about where it should be... but, I am only about 2 missions in (and 1 side mission)

    Hope to play more tonight!
  • Just finished Wolfenstein The New Order and had a really good time with it.  A lot of the mechanics are straight-up old school shooterisms, like picking up health packs and armor and things like that, but it pairs with a very modern storytelling system (though some decidedly old-school characters) and, strangely, the most adult treatment of sex I may have ever seen in a video game.  It's LONG, too - maybe 15-20 hours?  I was playing on Hard, so there's that, but it's kind of a shock moving from the short campaigns of BF/CoD.

    WATCH_DOGS is next up, though I've just started it, so I can't really render a full opinion.
  • Gave up on 1999 Mode.  The gameplay is too frustrating for that... or I'm too shitty. One or the other.

    I went back to Borderlands 2, trying to not get slapped! :)

    I haven't touched the DLC yet so I'm playing through that.  Also played some League last night.

    Wolfenstein, is that console only?  Looks cool but not cool enough for me to spend my gaming funds on. fucking budgets.

  • You can get Wolfenstein on PC.
  • Watchdogs is great. I love the 'dark souls' type multiplayer aspect of the game. Going in and hacking real people. People trying to hack me and blowing their brains out. So far I'm 3/3 on hacks and 2/3 on defending hacks. The one I lost, the dude hid in a car the entire time. Doh!
  • The multiplayer sounds fun!

    I need to finish a game soon so I can buy it!!
  • It's like a cat and mouse. You have to get close enough to start the hack. After started, you have to stay alive, and you can't kill your target. Just gotta hide and blend in. He can't tell it is you until he sees you and focuses on you with his phone. If he finds you, he has to kill you with guns or hacking the environment.

    That is just the hacking game. I haven't tried the others yet (think there are 4 total)
  • I still haven't decided what to play next. This was a busy week and we're going out of town this weekend so I'll start something next week. You guys never chimed in. Batman or FarCry?!?!

    I did start over with Brothers. It has a charm that I really like. It's cute, but the controls are so hard to keep straight. I know left stick big brother and right stick small brother and I TRY to keep them on their respective sides to make it easier but I still get them screwed up. So far the puzzles have been super easy too. I've only died when I messed up with the controls and no puzzle has taken me more than a few minutes to solve. 
  • @TheFuzz - I am Batman biased... so I would vote Batman... but they are both great...  Far Cry 3 is the first in the series I bothered to play all the way thru.  So that should say a lot.  And Batman... well he is the fucking Batman.  Nuff said.
  • You have a point....Batman is Batman. 
  • If you've played the first two Batman games, the third one is not exactly essential.  FC3 is a way better game.
  • @Phreak - I assumed he was talking about the 2nd one... in which case it IS essential.  (He said 
  • Word, Arkham City is super awesome.  Arkham Origins is inessential.
  • Started Watch_Dogs but it hasn't grabbed me yet.  I'll give it some more time.  
  • I've been playing watchdogs. It's right up my alley. I don't like criminal convoys. But everything else is still fun.
  • Pulled the trigger on the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Bundle.  MK8 + extra wiimote + daughter home for the summer and wanting to play MK and the upcoming Smash Brothers + free Pikmin 3 with MK8 purchase = puchase

    So we've started playing Mario Kart 8.

  • Spent a good amount of time with Watch Dogs...

    I am with SeaSquared... it's right up my alley.

    I have been enjoying it.  Gonna try to get the platinum in this one.

    Also Target has some nice sales on Vita and PS3 games going on.  (I may get Infamous collection just so I can play thru 2, before getting Second Son...  then again.... I don't know if I have time for all of this.  :happysad: )

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