Minecraft XBO, PS4, Vita
  • August

    Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Release Date Set For August

    Plus owners of the 360 and PS3 version get the upgrade for $5.
  • I don't see anything on using the servers like PC. So it might be like the 360/ps3 versions where the host world has to be online. That's disappointing if true.

    No real details have come out. So in still holding out hope.
  • I haven't heard anything either regarding dedicated servers. Which is surprising given how much MS has touted Azure this gen. Still though, only $5 to upgrade and save transfer, I'm in!
  • You guys still play? 

    I wanna build Invader Estates 2.0
  • I haven't played since they announced the XBO version at last E3. Mainly cause I have so many other games to play but also I didn't think the saves would transfer so I didn't want to do any more work to my world if I would be starting over with the XBO version.

    I still don't know if I will be working on my existing world or if I want to start over. Either way I will be buying this game and playing it. I really hope they have the dedicated servers up and running, but since they are making no mention of it in the press release it's making me think it's not in there. 
  • I'll be starting over. But that's cause I didn't have a very evolved setup to begin with
  • I need to borrow someones copy to play once, then I get the upgrade for $5

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