399 kinectless sku for xbox one
  • http://news.xbox.com/2014/05/xbox-delivering-more-choices

    not sure if it is in there but supposedly hulu and netflix will also not be behind the paywall anymore. 

    Pretty awesome. Anything that sells more xbox ones at this point. 
  • I've given it a day to think on it and I still think they jumped the gun.

    They'll see a boost in sales no doubt. Add in the fact that they may (I said MAY) have a stronger lineup of games this fall and they should see the lead that Sony built get a little smaller. 

    but really....why? To say you caught them in sales? The console is selling very well. Both are, I think the fact that it is selling well at $500 shows that even more. I still don't see the point in this. IMO they should have just waited til this fall and dropped the price to $400 with the kinect. What is another 6 months at the $500 price point? 

    Now we will have a split userbase again and we won't get many pure kinect games. Fantasia looks awesome and it's a must buy for me (I think John will dig it too) so it bums me out that because of this their sales might dip and we might not see a lot of these chances being taken from other smaller devs. 

    Don't get me wrong. I understand that at this point the kinect is a gimmick and I don't think that it will ever be a main focus for the way gamers play their games. But this really hurts the chances of something new and exciting coming along and that bums me out.

  • I could be wrong but I don't think the sales you think that are very well have continued to be very well. I think they were starting to dip further and further.

    I blame microsoft though how do you not release the kinect 2.0 with something compelling to really want it (other than voice commands). Rivals came out way too late and was way too little. At the very least they should have released it with a demo pack of I dunno 30 minigames.
  • Oh for sure. The lackluster support for Kinect is all their fault. Other than the fitness games that came out there was nothing for Kinect up until Sports (we don't count that fighter game)

    Sales may have started to dip but it's outpacing the 360 and that's more of what I'm looking at. The console will sell a ton and it's going to have slow and fast periods. I still think they jumped the gun on this one. 
  • Also, I hate how them removing the Kinect is all of a sudden the reason that Rare had layoffs.

    I mean they just released a game and it had lower than anticipated sales, and it took 6 months longer than anticipated. Of course they are going to clean house and slim down a bit until they know what they are doing next.

    hopefully it's Viva Pinata 3. The thought of a new game with always online servers where friends can visit my gardens and have access to what I've unlocked and build and breed. Kinda like Minecraft but with plants and animals.

    Kameo 2 - cause I want it.
  • I'd be on board with Kameo 2 and Viva Pinata 3!

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