Do you guys read articles like this?

    It's so fucking long, I have NO interest in reading something like that, nor do I have the desire to write something like that...  just curious if most of you guys appreciate a long written article like that, or if you want a short concise one?
  • If it's a game I'm excited for, absolutely. The more information the better.

    Same with reviews, I appreciate the longer reviews, provided it's written well and isn't drawn out, as I usually get more information
  • Depending on who writes it, sure.  Long previews that end up like feature lists tend to be boring, but if they describe someone's experience or the narrative of what the developers are up to, I can be interested.
  • I don't but I loved the video they released for the game!!! Traded in some games and got it paid off completely!
  • I'll skim through to read the important things, but I most definitely read them and enjoy the previews.

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