Headsets (that will work with the Xbone... PC would be a nice touch too)
  • I have no complaints with my Trittons. Good for the price.
  • If I had a choice right now I'd go with the Astro A50s. They are wireless from the xbox to the headset and the mix amp is built into the headset. The only cable is from the controller to the headset for chat. If you're just playing the game with no chat you'll be completely wireless. Astro has already said they are working on a firmware update for the xbo so the problems that some people are experiencing should be fixed. You will need to buy the xbo adapter with this. Only problem is that it's $300 and possible interference with cordless, cell and other wireless stuff. (Most people don't have problems)

    I have the A40s and love them. I don't mind the wires, with baby monitors, cell phones and cordless phones in my house I think this is the better option for me because of interference. The new mix amps that come with the A40s are able to connect to a PC and update the firmware. So that's good too. You'll need the chat adapter and a 10 foot USB because the mix amps eat batteries and the rechargeable one that Astro sells is terrible. $250

    The A30s are supposed to be great too. They have the same features as the A40s but aren't over the ear. They go on the ear if that makes sense. I've heard the lows aren't as low on the A30s but I'm sure it's just some audio douche trying to justify the extra $50 spent on A50s. Personally I like the over the ear design. The over the ear design is also supposed to stop the game sound from leaking from the headset making them pretty much silent. $200

    I've heard great things about the Tritons. Other than my brief time with a set at pax a few years ago I have no experience with them. A lot of people use them.

    I don't know if turtle beach makes headsets anymore, but I owned a pair and I'll never own another.

    Polk makes a pair specifically for the xbo and they are getting ok reviews. But at $150 I'd go with the A30s or a set of Tritons instead.

  • I use my Tittins for PC as well, on the rare occasion I play it.
  • I bought this exact set on July 9 2011 for $162.86 from Amazon


    It was a lightning deal so I only paid $120
  • @Lambeaus - I assume that works on the Xbone with the adapter thing that Microsoft released, right?
  • It's just an 40/30 thing for now. Not sure if they plan on doing them for the A50s
  • Noware. I assume that the adapter will work with the Trittons. I'm still not able to find the damn adapter.
  • I may be in the market for a new headset too. How are the A50's, woozy? Battery life? Do they feel heavy and/or bulky? Have you had any interference problems?

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