Titanfall Impressions
  • I figured you guys wanted to hear about this. I'll post impressions when I can remember.

    Right off the bat I had trouble getting into a server. It was 6:00 on the first night so I'm assuming it was sever congestion from after work traffic. It would just cycle through 10 servers or so and not connect. I even left it cycling while I took a shower. A quick trip to the forums and I saw all servers went down. First night jitters.

    Finally connected to a server. It took a bit to fill a room. Thinking here that since the servers must have just come up a lot of people gave up. Finally filled up a 12 man room after a 5 minute wait. 6 on 6.

    You start off on foot. You have 2 minutes until your Titan is ready. It's not kill based like a perk in cod. But if you get kills the clock speeds up. The person on the comm said "60 seconds to Titanfall" I killed a pilot and she immediately said "30 seconds to Titanfall" I was really worried that you'd need to get kill streaks to get a Titan. Glad to see you get them pretty often.

    The HUD is fucking beautiful. One of the coolest things in the game. It's so slick and futuristic. The crosshairs on your gun are very cool too. Not your ordinary red dot. Maybe I'll snap a pic. You get a cam feed of your commander and call person giving orders. It's not overwhelming at all and has a very futuristic feel. It really sets a good mood.

    It feels exactly like COD. Tight and responsive and ran at a very smooth framerate. I saw no hiccups from the action. The controls are exactly like COD so vets should hit the ground running. Speaking of running, double tap A while running at a wall and you'll run up and grab the ledge. Run parallel with a wall and double jump and you'll wall run. Jump at the end of your wall run and you jump higher. From there you can wall run or double jump to a roof top. It's all very fluid and fast. Works all the time. I was running my ass off from a Titan and I looked like a pro and got to cover. It's very easy to do what you want. Getting to high points is key.

    So far I saw a typical machine gunner class. I unlocked a CQB pilot with a shotgun. I think there was one with a rifle. I didn't change classes tho. I liked the machine gun.

    Once a Titan is ready you can call it with up on the d pad or wait to spawn in one after a death. The animation of calling one in the field is cool. It puts a green circle on the ground and when it hits the ground your screen shakes. A real feel of scale here. From here you need to act fast and get in. I'm pretty sure someone can steal your Titan. I died once on my way to it and it was gone when I spawned. So you get to your Titan and press X. The animation is all from your pilots perspective. You see the front open up and you climb in pretty fast. The 3 screens of the Titan light up and you're moving. It's about a 3 second process I timed it. You're in there pretty fast. I called a Titan right in front if an enemy Titan and I was in there fast enough to defend myself without taking too much damage.

    The Titan controls like the pilot, but no jumping or wall running of course. A button is a dash in the Titan that was unlocked I think it does other things in other titans. You still move fast, but you really do feel like a big machine. Which is awesome. It's not clunky or slow. The pilots move faster of course but the titans are still fast enough to keep pilots in your sights. I never felt too powerful or too slow where I'd get taken over by 3 faster pilots.

    There's two starter titans. One is a machine gun and one that's like a gauss or concussion rifle. I liked the rifle more. I felt like I was doing more damage.

    When your Titan gets too much damage a big prompt says to press X to eject. Do it and you're BLASTED like 3-4 titans high and safely land on a building or ground with no fall damage. From there you have 2:00 until you next Titan. Kill peeps and you'll get it faster.

    I got to level 5.

    In the first match I had 5 pilot kills 15 grunt kills and 2 Titan kills. Got 1500xp and level 2. I unlocked a cqb pilot with a shotgun.

    Level 3 came 2 matches later and I unlocked a new Titan that shoots a 4 rocket blast.

    After about 7 matches I got to level 5. I played about 3 more before I left. Matches are quick. They take less than 10 minutes. Only standard deathmatch is up right now. I'm not sure about the match objectives. I was just focusing on staying alive and killing dudes.

    The grunts (bots) are dumb. Very easy kills. Most of the time I saw them standing in one place not shooting. They do fill up the map and make things hectic and I didn't notice a huge difference in the skin of the grunt and pilot. I only noticed the difference when the kill log came up. You get less points from grunts.

    At the end of the match you have 90 seconds to get to an evac chopper. I'm not sure what the point is or what happens when you get there because in 6 losses nobody from my team ever made it. We were all wiped out before we reached the chopper. Once you die during that time you do not respawn.

    The graphics are very tight. A guy from respawn tweeted that the textures are only at 25%. It's the best looking XBO game so far. I can't wait to see what it can do. The framerate was steady. No slowdowns that wasn't a lag spike.

    That's all for now. I'm playing more this afternoon. I'll update.

  • Man, thanks for the big writeup. I'm so excited.
  • Thanks for the impressions Josh. It sounds great. Especially for an alpha.
  • Man, so excited for it. Was hoping I was going to get a key, but glad one of us did.

    Snap some pics later. We'll keep it secret here :)
  • I played a ton more. Maxed at level 10 for the Alpha.

    I was wrong. There is only one Titan available. Just the Atlas. Typical Titan no real standout features. You unlock load outs for it just like the pilots.

    There are two game types. One was normal team death match. The other was like conquest with controlling 3 points.

    I finally made it to the evac ship. Got some great bonus points but it didn't change the outcome or do much.

    Unlocked a bunch more gun load outs. A pistol class, sniper and smg.
  • Sweet!

    Any customizable skins for pilots and titans? Or all just the same look?
  • No game has done visual customization like rainbow six Vegas games have, which is too bad
  • Not that I saw. All of the skins looked the same.
  • I'm pretty excited about this. I wish I didn't suck at first person shooters but perhaps this is finally a game that I put enough time in to get good.
  • Also probably maybe World Cup 14
  • @Lambeaus.. wrong thread? You've lived in that damn chat app too long. lol
  • @TheFuzz have you had a chance to try the sniper out yet? :nudge:
  • The beta was only for the weekend.

    I did play some as sniper. It's a sniper, same as all games. Not too sure how effective they will be with all of the chaos going on
  • That's what I was wondering... the game looks pretty fast paced. Seems like sniping would be pretty ineffective... (Till people figure out hot to no scope. :hmm: j/k)
  • Polygon has a pretty great write up


    highlights for the lazy. Burn Cards sound cool. Way better than power ups or special weapons on maps.

    Players can use AI-controlled units to their advantage, Emslie said. Players can join up with a pack of Grunts and use them to draw another player's fire. For the robotic Spectres, the "Terminator-like" bots, players can do more than just use them as cannon fodder. Sneak up behind one and stab it in the back — or "data knife" it — and you can rewrite its AI, turning an enemy Spectre into a friendly Spectre who fights for your team.

    The collectible cards in Titanfall, called Burn Cards, unlock as players level up. They'll grant players special, limited-use abilities, like the option to shave off 40 seconds from your titan's build time, to inflict extra damage in a titan or an experience multiplier. Players can also play Burn Cards for effects like faster running speed or an amped version of a weapon. Play with a particular weapon frequently, for example, and you might unlock an amplifier card that makes that weapon perform better.

    Fukuda said Burn Cards were inspired by the desire to add some randomness to the game and partly the idea of Respawn's "Mackey" McCandlish, whom he described as a big Magic the Gathering fan.

    Burn Cards are also a measure that helps to level the playing field for all players, according to Emslie, not just seasoned Titanfall players.

    "They really came out of trying to find a way to do power-ups in the game," Emslie said, "but not do it in a way where pro gamers could come in and dominate the environment, by knowing the exact way to start a match, wreck everybody as fast as possible, get all the power-ups and grief everyone."

    Players will earn Burn Cards through gameplay, through successfully evacuating a level during Titanfall match epilogues, "rodeoing" a titan or hacking enemy AI units, among other challenges, Emslie said. They're collectible rewards earned through play, not purchasable through microtransactions.

    "The goal is to make them feel collectible," Emslie said, likening them to "favors" from the upper echelons of factions in which players do battle in Titanfall.

  • My ONLY thing left to figure out now... is if I wanna get it digital... or go thru Best Buy.

    Best Buy offers a $10 Reward Zone credit with pre-order.

    I'm leaning digital... but saving $10 is hard to pass up :happysad:

    Can't wait for this game.
  • Digital for all games you don't plan on trading in. Preorders bonuses aren't good enough.
  • @Lambeaus - so that means just buying it thru the console store the day it comes out then, right?

    I haven't been able to keep up... there isn't a better way to do the digital purchases for the Xbone, right?
  • JUST GOT MY BETA CODE!!!! :panic:
  • How do you mean better? There is a store on the xbox, you search for the game, you pay for it and you download it. Once it gets to a certain percentage of download you can start playing as it downloads. Pretty simple IMO

    So far there are no pre-loading games like on PC. They were asked about it and they said maybe in teh future. Same with pre-order bonuses and discounts. Personally I think this is where the marketplace sucks. Their own brick and online stores have physical copies of Titanfall that when you buy the disc you get $10 in xbox credit with it.....so why not the digital store too? It's lame, and if they want us to support digital they need to make this better.

    I see lots of responses on twitter to Major Nelson, Phil Spencer and the other MS guys on social media that are saying the same things we are. So there are a lot of people complaining. Lets home they listen.
  • @TheFuzz - yeah, that's what I was getting at. I got the whole buy it at the store business... I just wasn't aware if there was a Pre-load deal... or ability to buy it digital elsewhere and get various pre-order bonus (like Amazon is doing with PS4 stuff.)

    It sucks that we dont get the $10 credit (that's the only reason I was even considering Best Buy) but not having a disk will put it over the top for me.

    I figured the digital buying process wasn't there yet... I hope and assume it will be at some point...?
  • wow best looking xbox one game? I don't believe it but I'd like to see it. Everything we've seen and read so far is basically average graphics with kick ass fun gameplay.
  • also woot beta code!
  • Still no beta code :(
  • :nudge: can't wait!!... getting my xbone next week!!
  • any deals bundles out there i need to look for?
  • I haven't seen any yet but if I see one I"ll post it here.
  • LOL I Just did see that target is offering a $50 dollar gift card with the purchase.
  • Though have you considered waiting for titanfall to see if there is a titanfall xb1?
  • i was just waiting on the first major game to come out... and i wanted to wait to see if they where going to have any major problems with the system before i bought one
  • I'll say this get dead rising with it. I played DR1 for a bit and never got into 2 so I was skeptical of 3 but man 3 was so much fun. First game in a long time that as soon as the credits stopped rolling i started my next save back up to continue levelign.
  • I don't think there will be a Titanfall console. We're less than a month away, I would assume it would have been announced with the controller.

    Get an XBO and Ryse for $39.99!!!
  • LOL we are a month away and we don't even have confirmation on how many maps, gametypes, etc.
  • It is weird that team death match and attrition are there. I don't know what is different between the two. Attrition seems to be team death match.
  • No points for killing AI?

    Just kills that count.

    Obviously it could all be bullshit
  • Oh that is weird.

    Maybe no bots in tdm?
  • Attrition is TDM essentially, there's no "TDM" mode in beta.

    You get points for killing bots, but only a fraction compared to players
  • He was talking about the article. It mentions TDM and Attrition so we're wondering what the difference would be, if they were true.
  • Oh didn't realize it was in regards to the article.

    My only guess is that it's without Titans maybe? Defeats the purpose of 'Titanfall' but who knows.
  • DR3 was good. But you will only play it once. Nightmare mode was pathetic. Claire could have beat it with the character being so overpowered.
  • I am enjoying DR3 so far... but I don't get much time to play it with kids around so much. (I only played DR1 and a LITTLE bit of DR2... this one seems to be the best by far, for me.)

    Having said that, it's gonna be tough to wait for TitanFall to come out... and I have a bad feeling CoD Ghosts is gonna start to collect more and more dust once I get TF.

    I may need to knock that story (on Ghosts) out ASAP! And maybe a little more multi player.

    I enjoy the MP in Ghosts... but I would rather play Battlefield or TF... so it's gonna fall to 3rd place in my collection.

  • I thought DR3 was worth two play throughs. Mainly to just collect stuff and level. Once I was done leveling though I didn't even really feel like doing nightmare. Running from check point to check point just felt like a waste of time when I could be two minutes from titanfall.
  • Yea I hit level cap on my first play through. It was really fun.
  • I was afraid the time was going to run out but then basically beat the game with 3 days left. Once I got that flaming scythe weapon that throws out gernades I could get levels like it was water pouring out of a faucet.
  • According to IGN we'll be able to pre-load Titanfall digital on XBO.

    Nice, but give me $10 off for pre-order!
  • Yeah, I am still holding off on my pre-order...

    Hoping for a better deal. :happysad:
  • I'm still going Disk. Don't trust myself enough. That may change though if this pre-load thing give ANYTHING of value.

    I suppose I could order MS $ with my gift card and then buy digital, just no trade in option.
  • Ms confirmed no pre-loading for Titanfall. Dumb!!!

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