W.A.Y.P. ?
  • Currently I am playing GTA IV. It is actually making me a bit gitty that I am 10 or so missions away from completing it. I have started and stopped GTA IV probably 3 times in the past 4 years. I only even have the game still because the kids bought it off of the market place by accident. The first time I tried it I got to a mission that I just couldn't complete and after several frustrating tries I must have picked up another game. This time around I realized that during missions you can pretty much take your time because the police only really come in sometimes when you are done but you can sit there and take care of the mission without just trying to run past bad guys because you figure cops are on the way. One thing that has helped me this time is I haven't been wasting my time doing those stupid take me out to play (insert something boring and time consuming) side quests. Every once in a while when I feel like playing a little more but don't want to get into a mission I will play it.

    This will be the first GTA game that I have actually completed. I did finish RDR but that doesn't really count. That said I am waiting for the hopeful/eventual release of GTA V on a next gen console to play it.

    Oh and W.A.Y.P. = What are you playing?
  • I am currently playing 2 games, 1 on PC and 1 on Xbox

    Xbox: WWE'13 - The Attitude era story line is amazing, the game play is very smooth and the wide array of moves for each wrestler makes every match a little different. Every time I get a new wrestler to us in the story, I'm excited to see which moves he has. It's a lot of fun with a few challenging spots, here and there.

    PC: Civ V, I've got 2 different games going on at the same time here.

    Game 1: I'm bound and determined to win a game with the Utopia project, I've dropped down the "Prince" (normal) difficulty to try and achieve this. I'm trying to do it with Napoleon, the game started out great, but the location I started in is starting to be useless, Northern part of a continent, right up against the ice, only 1 path south, cut off by a mountain range, leaving 1 tile of path to get anywhere. Running out of resources and the southern path was too far from my Capital in the early stages to build a city. Not sure I am going to be able to achieve it this time through.

    Game 2: Trying to win by any means necessary on Immortal. I'm playing as Oda Nobunaga, (Japan) working towards a military victory. Game is progressing nicely, eliminated 1 foe already, but being left with a tough decision. I'm going to need to eliminate a city state to proceed any further and I can't decided which one I want to stomp on as of yet
  • I posted in another thread, but since I finished Bioshock Infinite, I have been all over the place.

    Since building my new gaming PC, about 2 months ago, I haven't touched my console's... But I need to get back to Sleeping Dog's (I have it on the Xbox360.)

    Just yesterday I started Bully Scholarship edition (for the first time ever.)

    Also playing:

    Prison Architect
    Civ V

    and a few others I cant remember right now... :happysad:
  • WWE13 on 360. So far I'm loving the attitude story. Such a good time in wrestling.

    Walking Dead on 360. Team Kenny for life. I just completed chapter 2.

    Borderlands 2. I'm playing co op with niteside. We beat the main game and are starting the DLC. I'm a 34 Gunzerker. Fun class.

    Gonna start Tomb Raider once I finish Walking Dead.
  • I wonder if I would like WWE13. I used to love raw vs nwo revenge.

    My biggest problem is I have kinda been following a rule of 30 for games. So it kinda knocks out a lot of new games for a bit.

    I need to figure out something to play after I finish GTA IV.
  • No way man. Finding a game for under 30 is easy. Too easy. Other than Last of Us and Gears Judgement I haven't bought a full priced game in a long time.
  • Call of Juarez gunslinger
    FIFA on 360
    Civ v
    Other things
  • Oh I haven't had much trouble don't get me wrong. I got dishonored, the last of us, tomb raider,hit man, and Nino kuni all for 30 or less. I meant it is about a month or two after release when you can find it. Tech bargains has been great.
  • League of legends. :(

    It's pretty sad how much fun I have with that game.

    I picked up a bunch of stuff on the Steam sale that I want to get through. Mark of the Ninja and the Borderlands 2 DLC are at the top of that list.
  • I heard league of legends is really tough until you memorize it. True?
  • No. I don't think it's that at all.

    There's really 2 things going on that you need to have a good understanding of.

    One is the "Meta" and the character you're playing. Understanding what your role is. How you get stronger. What items make your champion do more damage. All their skills etc...

    The other is all the situational aspects that are endless. At various times, can that champ that you see coming towards you kill you? what's their skills, have they used them, what items do they have? Where are their teammates? Should I go in? Should I take map objectives? Should I be helping my teammates etc.. etc..

    That second part just comes with experience. I am TERRIBLE at that part. I don't know most of the champs, and I'm always making bad calls on who I can and can't kill.

    I guess you could call it memorization, but it's really more like experience.
  • Sounds like a game I'd never win at. Lol

    Ow long. Do matches take?
  • Played another hour of Walking Dead last night. Starting to feel the feels....

    I'm halfway through chapter 3. No spoilers please.
  • Just wait for the last two Fuzz.... good god.

    I'm playing review stuff at the moment (Serious Sam Collection...ugh and should be getting Pikmin 3 any day)
  • @wooze about an hour. Maybe 30 minutes if you stomp the other team. Too long really.
  • I finished Walking Dead over the weekend and started Tomb Raider.

    Holy crap is it distracting how hot she is.
  • LOL I loved Tomb Riader. I didn't like that they basically took out exploration but overall it was a lot of fun.

    I finshed GTA IV this weekend. I can't believe I actually beat this game. I never thought it would happen.
  • Oh and I started the walking dead. I am up to the start of episode 2.
  • I'm a few hours into Pikmin 3 for review. It's enjoyable so far, though I know I'll be going against the grain in saying I don't get why a lot of people think this is one of the greatest games ever.
  • I'm with you. It's a fun real time strategy game but it isn't that great. These days though I think anything above average that has nintendo's name on it is considered the best game ever.

    Do you have the time constraint again? I like it when you don't have to worry about flying away in 30 days.
  • You have a time constraints again, daily before night time but you also need to find fruit (not ship parts) to keep your guys alive per day.
  • My review should hopefully be up in a day or two, I'll link it here when it is. 8/10
  • Woozy,

    I'm a few hours in and there been quite a bit if exploration. So far there are geotags, documents and shrines to find. There's also a challenge to shoot things hidden in the environment in each area. So far I haven't ran into any "tombs" or puzzles like the older games but I have spent a bit of time exploring.

    If you are referring to puzzles and tombs. Yes I agree. Needs moar.
  • There are only 5 "tombs". They are kinda hidden so you have to look for them, but they make it fairly easy to find them. But each tomb is only one puzzle.
  • Got up to level 52 in borderlands with fuzz and Niteside on Friday.

    Played some Blops 2 and tried the newest sets of maps. Really dig em
  • I played 8 hours straight of Tomb Raider. I'm really digging it. I haven't played 8 hours straight of a game in years. I was exhausted.
  • Tomb Raider is fantastic. I need to finish it.
  • Puzzles and tombs is what I meant. I think in total their are 5 tombs and all of them are really really small (did I say really cause they are really small).

    What I do like about the geocache stuff is that you start to see them on the map (I think it is a perk) so hunting them to me was more fun then randomly trying to find them.

  • Just gotDucktales to review, so that's what I'll be playing :)
  • Day #2 of #freedom week:

    A few hours of Borderlands with Niteside. Finished my last quest in the main story. Points!! Knocked out a few quests in Scarlette Pirate DLC.

    Played Tomb Raider until 12:30

    Passed 72,000 gamerscore
  • Final day of #freedom week:

    I am an hour from finishing Tomb Raider.

    Played more Borderlands 2 with Lambo and Nite.

    I ate too much Taco Bell
  • lol. I feel sorry for the toilets in your house.
  • Let me know what you think of Tomb Raider's ending. I enjoyed it,

    I need to play Tomb Raider... is it a good game? Should I add it to my priority list?
  • BTW I'm still playing League of Legends, though I've been playing some more BL2 because it's so fucking good.

    I've had a hankering to play some Sims 3, Skyrim and some more Diablo 3 of all things.
  • Yea @sw0rdfish play it when you can, it's fantastic
  • Finished Tomb Raider last night. 100% completion. All relics, GPS and logs found.

    I think I am going to finish Mass Effect 3 next. I'm only a few hours in.
  • I've been playing a lot of Borderlands 2. That game is really great. I'm up to level 55 with my Mechro and I unlocked UVHM. It's soooo much more difficult, but also more fun. Josh, Matt and I have been questing, tacking down NM's and getting hella good loot. The social conference call is one of my favorites.

    I started playing Crysis on the 360. Got it from one of the big XBL sales. It's okay so far. Game play is fun. The suit abilities are cool. The story and voice acting are meh.

    On iOS I'm playing Clash of Clans. It's still fun for me. And I just got PvZ2. It's great! I really like the new stuff.
  • Playing FF14: ARR on PC now... Wow they improved the fuck outa this game. I can see myself sticking with this for awhile now
  • @sobka UVHM is after beating the game once right? Or are you talking about the 2.5 level thing?

    I'm just hitting level 40, and I'm re-playing the game while unlocking some of the challenges like the maps and the "find the logos" thing.

    This game is ridiculous. Next is to start using certain methods of killing to finish THOSE challenges.

    I have no idea what's next.

    My new sim Zac Calzone is off and running to becoming the ladies man astronaut. I'll report back soon :P
  • Randy, no UVHM is unlocked after finishing TVHM (second play through)
  • oh shit. I'm only on TVHM. What a noob.
  • I'm flying through TVHM to unlock UVHM. II is stupid easy....most things are dying after one shot. I'm level 52 I think?
  • I'm working some of my 360 backlog since I intend to replace it with an Xbox One.

    Saturday, I beat Dishonored. It was pretty good, though I thought the setting was more interesting than the gameplay.

    Sunday, I S-ranked Mark of the Ninja. Now that is one hell of a game - I think I've only liked a bare handful of stealth action games in the last while (Deus Ex I love you) but this game was mechanically near perfect. I got the DLC and maxed all of the challenges. Only The Walking Dead and X-COM could oust it for better from last yera.

    Last night, I finally beat Renegade Ops. I thought it was a lot of fun, and should have beat it long ago. I'm not so sure about replayability, though. The game is kind of short all told. Might be good on co-op?
  • @Lambeaus I bet... I'm 35 and things are pretty easy.
  • Started up Mass Effect 3 for the first time in almost a year. It took me an hour just to figure out what was happening, but I knew that going in. I was further along than I thought. I still have a long ways to go. Hopefully ill finish this within the month.
  • I'm still hooked on the witcher. Somehow the videogame gods smiled down upon me on sunday because I bet I got to put 5 hours worth of game time into it. I figure I'm almost done with act 2. I can't get over how much I enjoy this game.
  • My PC ate shit when I tried to play The Witcher on it, but I really wanted to play it. I never did get the console version and now I think I'm almost out of time to play it on consoles before next gen hits.
  • Still playing Borderlands 2. My Mechro is 56 now. Josh, Matt WE NEED TO PLAY MORE!

    Crysis isn't grabbing me. The second one is way better. I'm still gonna try and finish it though.

    PvZ2 is still a lot of fun.

    I finally started The Walking Dead. So far it's pretty good. I'm just not in to adventure games like I use to.
  • Mario and Luigi on the 3DS (with some Luigi's Mansion sprinkled in)

    X-Com on the PS3

    Borderlands 2 on the PS3 (haven't put this much time into a game in a long while, mostly because of co-op with my brother--hilarious fun)

    Bought a bunch of Steam sale stuff like Torchlight 2 (played a bunch), Witcher 2 (haven't started it yet). And even though it wasn't on sale I bought the Civ V expansion.
  • FF14:ARR just launch so that's what I'll be constantly playing.

    Reviewing Rayman Legends at the moment too, hpefully I can open my Saints 4 soon

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