I really wanted to like GTA Online....
  • I'm sorry guys, I really did. I planned on playing a ton until BF4 came out. I wanted to play online as a crew and do tons of missions and just explore the world together.

    It's funny, it's not the douchebags that ruined it for me which is usually the case. I knew those guys would be there, it's GTA, how can you not expect some guy killing you for no reason in the open world? I actually found it funny when I would killed for no reason. Most of the time it was me standing in the street waiting for Lambo and I'd get run over or gunned down. No biggie, I was plotting to do the same.

    I just can't believe they would botch the missions and party system (or lack of) they way they did. They made this huge open world to explore with your friends, but when you're done with a mission most times you are dumped into another game away from the people you were playing with. That's 2006 multiplayer right there. This is all caused by the fact that you can't replay missions. The missions were actually fun even though they were fetch quests over and over and over and I wouldn't mind grinding them until better missions came up but with the broken party system it was impossible.

    I know I'm not saying anything you guys don't already know. I'm just venting. I really planned on playing this a lot. Too bad they messed it up.
  • I have been on the fence about renewing my GOLD to spend some time with this...

    But, thanks to comments like this... I am gonna hold off till I get my Xbone... :happysad:
  • It really does need a lot of work.

    I spend almost no time in the free mode. I'm pretty good at being a sneaky fuck and killing people before they kill me, but that's my only motivation to do so - I figure they're gunning for me, so I kill them. It's a cycle that begets only that kind of behavior, right? You should have to opt in to that kind of thing. Make it easy to opt in, maybe even subdivide the servers so you can set a preference, where there would be opt-in servers and opt-out servers, whatever. That would make that part of the game so much more fun.

    But, like I already said, I spend almost no time in the free mode. It's hard as hell to get money in the free world, so you need to do missions. Which is fine by me - most of them are really fun. Races are good, deathmatches are good, I really like survival. It's great.

    The problem is, like you mentioned, the matchmaking/playlist/party system is TOTALLY FUCKED. If you try to host a game, it almost never matches people to play with you, no matter how you try to run it. And half of the time when I hit "auto-invite and play" it invites NO ONE. It's ridiculous. Then, when there are games that really require more than 2 people, you can have the system find one other person and then it puts you in a game that lasts forever and is not fun because it didn't have the right minimum. Rather than operating out of playlists/categories and trying to intelligently join groups of people, it uses stupid invites. So, even if I do manage to invite people to the game, they just sit languishing because most people aren't responding to their cell phone game invites. So I've got me, one accept, and twelve people invited, none of which respond. Then the one accept drops because no one else has joined and it's just me holding my dick.

    So, that part sucks, right? So the only real way to get people to play together is with your friends (assuming you have a few on) or through Quick Match, which works sort of well. The problem is that you can't join a Quick Match as a group - so I've got friends on, but we can't join a match together as a group, so it's just me now. Great. Exit out of there even though for fuck's sake, THERE WAS A GAME ABOUT TO START AND I WANTED TO ACTUALLY PLAY SOMETHING.

    So then you start a game with just your friends - only the same problems that applied to you as an individual apply to you as a group. Not that it's not fun to play with only a few people that you know, but most of the games are meant for more than that.

    Maybe I'm spoiled from playing MP games that do this kind of thing the right way, but how can this have been done SO MUCH BETTER years ago by, say CoD4 or Halo 3? If you've got hundreds of millions of dollars going into making this, and you were serious about this online experience, how can you not learn from those that do it best how to effectively achieve an online mode? It doesn't need to be the exact same thing, but damn it.
  • Also, FWIW these aren't problems you face only during peak times. I like to play at odd hours, especially early in the morning before Jen wakes up. This shit happens basically 100% of the time.
  • I'll get into it a lot more once they add the online heists
  • The heists will be great, sure. That's a new game type that sounds like fun.

    But unless they address the very serious larger problems, they're going to be just as much of a pain in the ass to play as anything else. Plan a heist, then you can't get anyone to join you in it, or they all drop after the first leg of it.
  • Heists will be fun. But you probably won't be able to select replay from the menu. After the heist is done you'll be forced back into gen pop until you go through the process of getting your friends into another heist or mission.

    It's dumb.
  • Halo 2 did it just fine 10 years ago
  • @variation the thing is, will it be too late by then?
  • With new consoles out...who knows. I'll give it a go when it's live though

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