So, how is the PS4?
  • Hulk? Or any else that got it?
  • I'm digging it.

    Launch day update only took about 5 minutes to download/install. I had an issue logging into PSN. The internets reported that Sony's servers were "overloaded" and we should please "be patient." Kinda silly to not be ready for the deluge since they were boasting that they had sold over a million preorders. I eventually got on and all was good.

    Killzone hasn't been thrilling me so far. Yeah it looks great but I'm struggling with the controls and some of the pretty lens flare and lighting effects that they showed off are actually making it tough for me to see some of the stuff on the game's first major level. Plus it suffers from one of the greatest pet peeves I have about first-person and third-person shooters: AI that you can't see shooting and hitting you (because you are surrounded). And my old eyes have trouble reading the onscreen text, which is obnoxiously small.

    Played a little Assassin's Creed. Will definitely play more. Doesn't really look next gen.

    The standoud has been Need for Speed, which I just got yesterday. Again, nothing that screams next gen but I just love the series and this is a superb entry in the franchise so far.

    It's the social stuff that I'm finding myself most into. I even streamed some NFS gameplay last night. I had 2 viewers--one was my daughter (who was watching from college) and some random guy who had his mic on and I could hear all the crap going on at his house. Pretty hilarious. Man I wish this option was on the PS3 because there would have been some classic video of my bro and I playing Borderlands 2. In fact, I'm anxious for him to get a system so we can do some broadcasts together. It's funny because I never thought I would be into that.

    Vita integration is amazing and the new phone app is cool too.

    And holy crap how could I forget about the controller? Man just adding some length to the handles makes a HUGE difference in comfort. And the ridged sticks (for her pleasure) are a nice addition as well as they add some precision and aren't as slippery as the DS3. As silly as it may sound I also really like the colored sensor light at the front. In Killzone it acts as a health indicator and changes colors as you take damage. The touchpad hasn't wowed me yet. Again, Killzone is the only game that seems to be using it and it controls your OWL flying dude. You swipe it to give it orders. It took some getting used to and for my little thumbs it's a bit of a reach.

    So overall I'm happy. I'm sure a lot of it is just because it's new and shiny but anything that gets me back into gaming is a good thing.

    Oh, and gotta love PS Plus and 2 free games right out of the box (Resogun and Contrast) AND $10 in free PSN credit with launch units. At the very least you can see that Sony is trying.
  • Nice.

    You'll have to tweet out when you're broadcasting so we can watch and comment on how terrible you are ;)

    I too like the changes to the dual shock, I've always liked it over the Xbox, but in the brief time I've spent with both, I'm liking the DS4 better. The triggers feel better and the overall shape works for me.

    That's not to say either are bad, I think they're both refined versions of the last one which is a good thing.

    If it wasn't for everyone I know getting an Xbox, I would have decided to go PS4 early on. I have no doubt Microsoft will deliver a great product, I just think Sony is gonna wow us a little more. Time will tell.
  • Hulk, Cool. Glad to hear Sony came through on they're promises so far and that you're liking it. I haven't gotten my hands on the controller yet but I've heard nothing but good things about it. The dual shock 3 was my biggest compliant on the PS3. It kept my from playing more games on my PS3. When I get back into gaming on my MAC I plan on picking up a dual shock 4.
  • :rub:

    Nice writeup, Hulk. I'd definitely like to get my hands on one, maybe this winter.
  • Nice writeup!

    I'm jealous of all the perks that PS+ users get. 2 free games at launch AND $10 in credit is a great way to get people to look past the fact you're charging for multiplayer now.

    I saw 2 kiosks at a mall over the weekend and got to hold the controller. It feels like a wider DS3 but the triggers are WAY better on this one. I like it. The unit was glitched tho, someone was playing Knack from the harddrive and it wouldn't let me exit or play. It just sat there in what I'm assuming is the sleep screen where it told me to hit the PS button for options. But there were no options.

    I don't know if I'll ever get one, but it's definitely a cool machine. I'm glad you're liking it!
  • I have had a great experience with my ps4 so far. I was actually playing marvel lego and resogun from work today on my vita.

    I have to disagree with hulk about NFS. I will agree I'm loving it but that game and killzone to me have been beyond what I have seen on current gen consoles by a longshot ( I didn't play the last most wanted so maybe I am wrong but looking at side by sides and other videos it doesn't even seem that close). So much is going on in NFS. So much debris is just flying around as you go through certain areas. NOt things you have destroyed mind you but things like birds / loose papers / pollen. The night / day cycles rule and when it starts to storm it is amazing. The lighting from the cop cars with the rain and everything else has me mesmerized.

    I am having a lot of fun with killzone. I agree that some parts on the level he mentioned are blinding and cover a lot of area. I am not sure how much that happens throughout the game as all the other levels I have played so far aren't really like that. What I love about killzone though is that it isn't just endless corridors of people coming at me. It seems a lot more methodical. Almost like ghost recon where your positioning mattered. The owl when sent through dark areas looks awesome like the destiny demo where he sends the scout ahead. I was just sitting in one level that is an abandoned darkened ship and just kept sending the owl around just to watch the lighing effects. I really enjoy going slower. Maybe because I'm not great at twitch shooters. I will send the owl into combat (after scanning and seeing where people are) and then I will support him. it has worked great so far.

    NBA2k13 is fun if you like NBA not much really to be said. It looks awesome and if you enjoy nba games it is worth getting at xb1 launch because it is super solid gameplay and looks pretty.

    Resogun. I enjoy this like I did super stardust but the variety of stardust seems to be lost in this game. I am only on the 3rd of 5 levels but so far aside from say a pool of water at the bottom it is pretty much the same level with different enemies. This game works super great with remote play which is nice. People are reporting vita over lte playing it great.

    Marvel Lego. Maybe it is because I haven't played a lego game in awhile or maybe it is because these heroes are more fun then starwars/harry potter but I am really enjoying this also. Even if you don't get an xb1 or a ps4 if you like lego games GET THIS NOW. I am not sure what it looks like on current gen but it looks great on next gen. All shiny and reflections and what not. A lot of the time it looks like the lego made for tv computer graphics and I'm sure it looks great on ps3/x360 but my guess is the clariety isn't there / textures are better / and it seems to have some great lighting here and there. Anyways can't talk highly enough about this.

    FIFA. I like this but I like fifa. My brother plays a ton of fifa so it was good to get his opinion. He said modest graphical upgrade and that the biggest difference he can tell is how players move and respond to each other. How defenders will now suck in real close to you and that animation wise it just seems a lot more fluid. He is happy with it.

    As far as the UI is concerned I like it but I can already tell that I actually will enjoy the x1 dash more. Maybe it is beacuse the ps4 is so simple or because I feel like there is just more going on in the X1 dash. One thing I don't like is before on the ps3 or the x360 if you held down the button you can turn the controller off within one click. Now it seems to take drilling down a menu (probably 3 clicks total but still why?!?!?). I also think they need to manage titles better so there are 2 levels now main level shows blocks of games and stuff like netflix but if you hit up you get into more the settings and user type stuff. The problem is everything installs now so as your library grows so does this long list of blocks. They really need to make folders or do something I don't know. Anyways work in progress. I'm okay with that.

    The controller feels really good but my only complaint is the battery life is substantially worse. I don't know if it is because of the light bar or what but seriously probably 8 hours worht of game time. Not a deal breaker because i have one of those dual charging stations but for those of you with one controller that you connect manually get used to always putting it away like that.

    All in all it is a damn fine machine. Well worth the upgrade. I don't think the xb1 will have as much trouble keeping up as some think. I think in a year they will pretty much be on par with each other minus probably first/second party sony stuff outshining all.

    I think that is everything pretty much.

    Oh on a positive note I used to only be able to use the DS3 controller for less than an hour before my hands would start to hurt and over the weekend I played hours and it never really bothered me.

    I do still think I like the xb1 controller more. I like the tophats better for sure. Especially that molded plastic that grips your finger.
  • So after some sage advice from Wooze and more judicious use of my OWL, I turned the corner on Killzone last night. Third level (when you are on a spaceship) was MUCH better to me than the first (which didn't even really count as a level, just an interactive intro story) and second levels. Looking forward to digging in on multiplayer.

    Scrod, I will do my best to tweet out any future broadcasting. I think it will be fun.
  • Wooze went BOCK!!! Wow, how many games did you get?

    Early indications have the PS4 doing a much better job online than the PS3. If paying for it is what it took, great!

    I really want to own both consoles at some point... but that's probably the boy in me who wants all the tech toys NOW.... they both look to be gearing up to be great though.
  • Well they had buy 2 get one free so there was 3 games. Then my brother wanted a game so I got a second game and took the free one so there is two more (He didnt' care besides I did all the work to secure him a ps4). Contrast and Resogun were free. Oh and one of the buy 2 get one free my mom wanted to give me as a birthday present so she is giving me Assassins Creed. :) Oh and marvel was for the kids LOL at least that is what I told myself. LOL
  • Awesome opinions guys!

    I am liking all I am seeing so far...

    I could see me getting one down the road.
  • Nice score Wooze.
  • This made me smile...

  • oh sweet... it embedded that video on it's own.

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