The status of Hockey in America...
  • I was just listening to ESPN Radio, and Colin Cowheard just stated, that in a recent survey, Hockey was now less popular then Soccer.

    I can live with that... I guess...

    But he also claimed that it finished behind

    Beach Volleyball


    MINOR League Baseball....


    I don't buy it.

    As a Hockey fan, I think it's hard for me to see... WTF is going on with Hockey in America?
  • He just added

    Boxing and Horse Racing to the list (in front of Hockey)
  • It's more popular the more north you get. The southern states could care less about hockey.

    It's sad. It's also very popular in the original 6 team cities, which is why it seems so weird to us.
  • I suppose I can see where Cali and Florida would rate beach volley ball ahead of hockey... but it still seems odd to me.

    eff those other sports... hockey 4lyfe!
  • People In the US care a LOT about the sports in the college they used to go to and even high school and local sports so a game like hockey falls behind all those local sports in markets where hockey doesn't sell. People feel more attached to their Alma mater than the new local professional team playing a game they don't get.
  • I don't disagree with you @sw0rdfish...

    But how does that explain Boxing, and Horse Racing, and Soccer for that matter, passing Hockey by?
  • Soccer is pretty huge in youth sports today. Kids are growing up playing and watching soccer.
  • Old people watch horse racing.
  • Soccer is huge because poor people can play it. It's the simple.

    Horse Racing is the gambling side of things ( down economy ).

    Boxing, I don't know... I don't think you can compare boxing with hockey... it's not like there's 6 boxing matches every night.
  • Non hockey towns can eat a dick, IMO. They don't know what they're missing.
  • Well said Preak.
  • Phreak hits it on the head... as usual!

    In my house it :

    1. NFL
    2. NHL
    3. College Football
    4. MLB
    5. College Basketball
    6. Whatever Else
    (Skip a few)
    1,000,000,000. Horse Racing

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