New Graphics Card
  • My brand new Graphics Card has SHIPPED!

    My upgrade will be complete this Friday (11/15/13)!

    Cant wait! (Been down since 11/3/13)

    I think Tomb Raider will be the first game I run with it! :-)
  • Worst post ever. What did you buy!?
  • I did the EVGA step up program...

    So I got the EVGA GeForce GTX 780!

  • Son of a B*T%&

    Just got an email from UPS...

    A trail derailment is causing a delay in my delivery.... :hmm:

    Needless to say, I am NOT happy!
  • Didn't you just get a new PC?
  • Yep.

    The card I got was from a company called EVGA.

    They do a deal called the "step up" program.

    Within 90 days of purchase, you can upgrade your card by only paying the difference.

    With the recent price drops, I was able to upgrade for $80...

    It was a no brainer... much more powerful card (I think, @sw0rdfish can verify... but I think it was a pretty significant step up.)
  • Oh. Nice deal
  • I forget what you had before... the 780 is like the best "affordable" card on the market. It's crazy! There's 2 above it but they cost like a grand each, which is stupid.

    You'll be set for like 5 years.
  • I FINALLY got it yesterday...

    Put it in and got to play for a whole 5 minutes... :happysad:

    Tomb Raider looked AWESOME! and my old 670 definitely had some kind of a problem, ( I would get audio distortion from time to time) That problem is GONE.

    Cant wait to spend more time with it! :-)

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