I know most of you won't care...
  • But I added a post to my Policeman story thread at knr.

    I realize that most of you wont touch foot over there... and I can appreciate that.

    If there is any interest, I can copy and past the thread here. (I assume there won't be any interest... so I didn't want to take up space or time... and that is fine)

    Just thought I would say something in case anyone wanted to check it out.
  • No non-gaming stuff here. Keep your personal shit to yourself.

    :p. JK.

    I'll go there every now and then. You all need to come here more often. For weeks no one was posting!
  • If this is a gaming only board, I will keep it that way.

    (I know you said j/k, but I didn't know if that was the purpose of this board or not...)

    I started posting at knr again... I am amazed at how fast my work days are going (again)

    I really miss that place (when it was active back in the day) Work days used to fly by

    I will be here, and at knr, pretty much every work day... :happysad:
  • Some moron posted a hockey thread in here, soooooo......
  • Sounds like it is an anything goes kind of board...

    Ill start posting porn next. :-P
  • PRON!!!

    My only rule here is don't be an asshole and TRY not to hijack threads.

    I saw the activity in K&R the other day, and then I saw the BB and Steebo love fest thread and remembered why I don't go back often. I want GAME discussions, I'm past the silly threads about nothing. Not that I don't like those people... it's just not the mad content I want dammit!

    Also.... and probably mostly.... Bio.
  • Sweet...

    Porn is a GO!
  • Added another police story to the knr thread.

    If you need to kill a few minutes, check it out!


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