Can it ever be said enough?
  • Received an email today from amazon. Because I ordered "multiple" PS4 titles, I am eligible for a free PS4 game. Hello Need For Speed: Rivals. LOVE YOU AMAZON (even if you do now charge sales tax for MA).

    I'm guessing the idea is to match the Target's B2GOF deal going on this week.

    I'm pretty pumped for Friday!
  • Nice!

    That's pretty sweet man. I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the system/games!

    Gonna be a fun month/holiday season.
  • This Target deal is tempting, and I'd cancel my Amazon preorders for it, but they don't have a ton of XBO games on there. Just three, and one of them is that goofy fighting game.

    So then I thought maybe I'd do Ghosts and BF4 and get the new Zelda, but you can't preorder the XBO version of Ghosts and Zelda isn't on there.

    So... :hmm:
  • Yea amazon is the best.

    Nice score Hulk!!
  • Amazon just opened up a PSN store. That's an awesome idea. Now you can buy digital games through amazon.

    Xbox needs this bad.
  • I wish I could take advantage of all these deals, but I have $60 credit at amazon and other credit at GameStop. Can't do it all at one place
  • Question. Why would you buy digital content from amazon when you can buy it from the playstation store directly. Unless they sell them at discount?!
  • Amazon rules. I was worried about canceling my Ghost preorder and not getting my credit back right away to get Forza. I switched them out in 2 minutes, no issues!

    They failed to give me a free game tho...
  • Randy, you do it so Sony doesn't have your CC info. I do the same thing with Microsoft points. Don't want them having my credit card number when XBL accounts get hacked the way they do
  • Yea Lambos post is one reason, but I also want amazon to sell digital games for pre-order content. So far Microsoft has not announced any pre-order bonuses for buying digital from them. Amazon doing it opens the door for it. If not just from amazon, but if MS sees them doing it they are forced to.
  • Yeah, @TheFuzz is right on. For example, I didn't want to buy the discs, but I got AC4 and BF4 on disc because they had preorder bonuses. There hasn't been a good way to fit digital downloads (on consoles) into the usual incentive system. Now, there will be.
  • All of the preorder content is coming with Premium. So I decided to go digital for BF4.

    It's not a yearly game, and I plan to get a few years of MP from it with the map packs. So I don't think I'm missing much for not trading it in.

    a game like AC4 where there is a yearly version and not much replay after you beat the campaign I am sticking with the disc version. So I can trade it in.
  • That's a good way to look at it @TheFuzz.
  • OH.. that makes much sense.

    I always wondered, unless you were buying a gift, who bought cards for digital games.

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