Another video of the XBO dashboard...with some other features

    I know it's another Microsoft video, but it doesn't look edited in any way.

    I'm pretty pumped for the 22nd!
  • Ok, that video was pretty cool.

    Like I have said before, I have purposely avoided a lot of the info on these consoles (Xbone and PS4) because I wont be getting a system till Christmas (originally hoping to hold out till next year)... and I was trying to keep my excitement level down. (I have failed miserably... :happysad: )

    I am more excited about the Television integration then I was before...

    The only negative, and it is a SMALL one, I hope notifications are easy to turn on/off.

    Getting invites while watching TV is cool... but I wont want that on all the time...

  • Damn it...

    Now I am pissed that I have to wait till Christmas... (and that's IF I get one for Christmas)

    I may be looking to buy after the holidays if Santa doesn't come through....
  • I'm not normally someone that freaks out about spoilers, but I'm avoiding all of the stuff about GUI/interface until I get the machine. There's something wonderful about booting up a new piece of hardware and discovering those things as you use it.

    But I'm ready. Got my monies all transferred to the joint acct to pay for everything, got my preorders in. I'm going to ask for that Friday off, I think. Knowing UPS, it might not come until later, but I deserve it.
  • "There are no external ads on the dashboard. Three promotional modules peeking in from the right side of the dashboard's home screen do promote movies, apps, shows or music that are available on Xbox One or Xbox Live, but there are no ads for external products and won't be at launch, Penello said. There will be ads for outside products when you go deeper into the Xbox One's digital storefront"

    Thank god! Adds in the marketplace are fine, but adds on my dashboard always pissed me off.
  • I thought that was pretty awesome when I saw it. The xbox fitness also looks freaking awesome.


    Who knows if it's as buggy as it was reported a week or so ago, but this looks pretty cool. I know I use youtube a lot for achievement walkthroughs. I have an ipad, iphone and a PC within 10' of my console but if this works this fast I may start using this.
  • That is NOT old and slow.

    Looking forward to getting my hands on the machine and see what it can do.
  • It's crazy how fast the UI is. Also, it's organized much better than the 360's.

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