Today was a good (gaming) day....
  • Wife was SUPER awesome today. She let me have a day to relax and game. Haven't played this much in a single day since Fuzzfest (not that I played as much as Fuzzfest... but still)

    Got some good time in with:

    Awesomenauts (My 6 year old is in LOVE with this game)
    Prison Architect
    Mark of the Ninja

    and I started.....


    Been having a blast with all those games.

    Can't believe I hadn't played Bully before now.

    Today WAS a good day!
  • Bully looks fun, almost bought it on Steam Sale, should have
  • Yeah, its TOTALLY worth 3 or 4 bucks.

    You should add it to your WISHLIST. ;-)
  • I had bully for the of Xbox. Then the save file corrupted. I never finished.
  • Bully was a game Ryan Davis used to talk about endlessly as one of those "classics".

    I've never taken the time to check it out. I hear it's great though.

    I've had a busy weekend, haven't gamed much :(
  • I had a busy weekend. I did finish chapter 2 of Walking Dead tho.
  • Hard to believe it (Bully) was originally a PS2 game! They really got a lot out of that system at the end....
  • I'm sure it looks better on PC than PS2
  • I'm guessing (but have no proof) that it is the same as the 360/PS3 version (since it's the scholarship edition)

    Still, hard for me to think the game originally came out on the PS2. It doesn't look bad at all (not great mind you) but VERY playable.

    And IIRC the games that came out at the end of the PS2 life cycle were REALLY pushing the hardware... and I thought it seemed like they were really getting some good stuff out of it....
  • Bully is DONE.

    I enjoyed it.

    Now on to the next game... may start Tomb Raider... not sure yet though.
  • Tomb raider was a lot of fun. Felt more like uncharted with a female and less like tomb raider. But they set it up nice to continue it the way we all know tr
  • Tomb Raider is next once I finish Walking Dead. I am an hour into Chapter 4.
  • @TheFuzz Let me know what you think once you finish it all
  • I need to finish Walking Dead too

    (Bully distracted me... And with the little ones it is a little harder to find time to play)

    I ended up starting Mafia 2 :happysad:
  • Mafia 2 was fun. I liked it overall.
  • I like The Walking Dead for what it is, but I don't think I'll be able to go back to it. It's just not my type of game. I can appreciate it's brilliance, but it's too slow. Needs more bunnies.

    I need shit happening all the time. Same reason RPGs ( and GTA games really ) fail me. Takes too long to get shit going, I get distracted and pull out Rocket Launchers to kill the zombies and save the princes.... or something.
  • I started the new Hitman last night. So much fun, so many ways to take targets out
  • Yeah, that was good. I need to replay it and take some different ways/kills
  • Finished Mafia 2. I really enjoyed it. (Working on the DLC now)
  • Just picked up Super Meat Boy....


    Just picked up this :

    I assume this is a pretty good deal... (I haven't been watching prices on this, especially 3, very much...)

    I figured at this price I cant pass it up!

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