The Redemption of Ryse: Son of Rome

    Man this looks pretty great. A complete 180 from the E3 demo.
  • I knew nothing about this game before seeing this video...

    Video looked pretty cool

    Phreak showed me that link.

    I've still got my eye on it. The gameplay sounds like God of War. One button combos. Which I had a ton of fun with.
  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but that guy really came off as douchebag.
  • He can be that way, but he's usually kind of unrestrained so I like reading him.

    I am cautious. I hope they put out a demo. I guess that's something we haven't really heard much about for next gen, have we? I wonder if there will be demos to download on day one.
  • Oh I'm still very cautious. I only have one 100% day one purchase in BF4.

    I have enough credit to get one more game. So far it's DR3 but this looks really cool and I am going to wait on reviews before I decide.

    Watching videos it really sounds a lot like the combat in God of War. Which to me was a button masher with style. X-X-X-X-Triangle-Square. This sounds exactly the same. To me a repetitive game falls on the fault of the gamer just as much as the developer. Just because you are able to use the same combo for every enemy doesn't mean you should. It's just as much up to the gamer to find new ways of doing things.

    The visual style and graphic executions look amazing. As long as the story holds up I think it looks to be a solid action game.
  • I think repetitive combo games can come at the fault of the gamer, but I also think it comes with the level design and variety slope. Thinking of Batman that I just finished... it's more or less the same combat as the previous games, which was pretty repetitive. However, they usually introduced new enemy types to keep you on your toes. The third game was weaker in that slope than the other two were (I don't think I saw stun baton enemies until the very end), but still, there's room for fun there.

    I think it depends. If it's just prompts, and there isn't a lot of movement/dodging/that kind of stuff, I get bored with it. I got bored with God of War. I didn't get bored with Batman, though, because you had a bunch of gadgets, could basically fly around a level with the dodging, etc. I didn't dodge/move all that often in God of War.
  • My weakness for Roman military tactics and history might pump this up for me, though. I love that shit. I might have been more fast to get bored with God of War because Kratos sucked and I got tired of the setting after a while.

    There is an incredible podcast series called Hardcore History and they did a really good series on the fall of the Roman republic. Everyone should listen to it! podcast-Rome-Republican

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