CoD - Ghosts
  • Man... this is the first time in a ling time that I haven't gotten a CoD game on release... it feels really weird.

    Who, if anyone, is getting it?

    I assume the general consensus is to get BF4 and skip CoD?

    I haven't made a plan on what I'm getting yet...
  • You know me, I'm normally a man of the midnight purchase. But this year, I'm not feeling it. I think part of it is the next-gen split. More than half of my regular CoD crew isn't getting an Xbox One yet, so I wouldn't be able to reliably play with friends.

    I think the other part is a general anxiety about wanting a more different experience. I really didn't play enough BF this gen, and I think BF4 might be a good opportunity for me with next-gen. I was thinking about getting games for my XBone, and do I really want to get both BF4 and Ghosts? Probably not. So I think I'm going to do AC4 and BF4 and wait on Ghosts.

    Maybe I'll get it for Christmas. I don't know. But I think I'd rather spend time playing Titanfall.
  • I'm getting BF4 with the system for Christmas... but I think I am in a similar boat as you Ryan...
  • I just watched the video review on IGN and it looks great IMO. I was more focused on the single player mode tho. I'll get it when it's below $30 in the spring time.
  • Going to get it on XO, but I'm getting BF4 as well.
  • Damn it... I will prolly end up witg both :happysad:
  • It's on NewEgg for $45, but doesn't include the preorder map which will likely sell for $10-$15 anyway, so meh.
  • You guys are making it sound like I should cancel my CoD preorder and go with another launch game...
  • My friend (BigMykeMC) that you may have played with bought it at launch and told me that my inclination to stay away was maybe good.

    He said that a lot of the maps are huge and the playlisting doesn't really account for it. He couldn't find any maps suited to smaller groups and so spent one game going minutes before finding anyone.

    He also wasn't happy with the XP rate and said that everything was taking forever to unlock. He's no :gaminggod: but he's not bad, but he said after 3 hrs of play, he was only at level 7 and had only unlocked a grip and a barrel for one gun, and nothing else.
  • Level 7 after 3 hours!?!?! :why:
  • Best Buy has started offering that $10 trade up program... And my oldest son is getting the CoD itch. We may be getting the 360 version soon... And then upgrading to the Xbone version.

    I'm hoping his buddy brings his copy over tonight... That way I can check it out :happysad:
  • God damn it NoWare if I see you playing I'm going to want to buy it.
  • Two weeks Phreak. You can do it
  • I am REALLY hoping to get hands on it tonight.

    Truth be told, and I know this isn't the "cool" answer...

    I have always enjoyed CoD more then Battlefield... OVERALL.

    I may get into grooves some, and go more on a Battlefield run from time to time... but overall, I just enjoy the speed of a good round of CoD over Battlefield.

    If Ghosts is as good as the last 2 or 3... I will probably get a lot of time out of it...

    But that's just me. I am, more then likely, gonna end up with them both on the Xbone... and I may even get them on PC (When they are cheap).

    I hope to be able to post impressions tonight/tomorrow!
  • Oh, I wouldn't buy the X360 version, anyway, @TheFuzz. Even with the upgrade thing. I plan to spend the next two weeks mostly playing GTA Online if I'm going to play anything at all.

    And NoWare, I agree. I enjoy BF and have had a really good time with it, but overall I've always preferred CoD. That said, CoD without friends gets dull.
  • werd.

    CoD with peeps is WAY more fun!

    Having said that... one issue I will have is I played Blops 2 with my son, a TON... we are fortunate to have 2 360's in the house.... That won't be the case with the Xbone.

    I guess as long as their are diamond camo's to unlock, I will be ok. lmao!
  • The reason the XP is slower is because of people like Noware hitting prestige 10 in two months!

    My XBO copy should be shipping soon.
  • And Noware, I think the $10 trade up is only good for a limited time, a month or two? May want to look into it before.
  • :happysad: Come on man... I'm not to blame! lol

    Yeah, I am debating just holding off till I get the Xbone and adding Ghosts to my Christmas list...

    I dunno. Depends on how much my son bugs me to get it. :-P
  • IGN just ripped ghosts campaign. Called it atrocious and embarrassing. I've heard nothing but bad things from reviews.

    Since I'm having a great time with BF4, I canceled my Ghost preorder and went with Forza instead.

    Yes. Me. Of all people. Canceled a call of duty game.
  • Meh.

    I don't usually touch the campaigns.

    I don't think I played either of the Blops campaigns... they are usually easy (even on the hardest setting)

    As long as the multi player is good, I wont care...

    Although Lambo jumping off ship doesn't help... :hmm:
  • My reasoning mostly was as far as shooters I won't be torn from BF4, and I was really wanting Forza.

    The reviews just pushed me over the edge. I may pick it up over the holidays, but with the BF4 premium maps coming, I might be good until Titanfall and Destiny to keep my FPS itches scratched.
  • If BF4 is as fun as advertised, than I may not spend much time with Ghosts... but usually I prefer CoD over Battlefield...
  • Which is the game that has the Frank Sinatra song? I kind of want to buy the game because of the song/commercial.
  • Yea its COD. I thought of you when I saw it.
  • Sale on CoD for $34.99 (for those who don't see it on Reddit) Free shipping too!

    You have to use the code 5OFF15 for additional $5.00 off.

    I think this MAY find it's way under my Christmas tree. :-)
  • Gah that's a good deal but I really only want to buy digital stuff from here on out. Still, tempting...
  • I still need some stuff to stick under the Christmas tree... so I don't mind if its a physical copy. :happysad:
  • It shows 49.99. Plus sold out.

    No interest yet. BF4 is too good.
  • Yeah... wife went to get it last night.. she was too slow for the deal.

    Battlefield is my #2 Christmas List item... (The Xbone is #1)

    I would be happy getting CoD as well (especially at that price) but I wont be heart broke if I don't.
  • Activision is ending Call of Duty Elite on Friday
  • That kind of blows... I guess...
  • I am REALLY bitter about this game. I forget how bad the latency can be with this game. I was getting lit up last night. I swear I was shooting first and then I was watching the kill cam and it would not even show me firing shots. It is only a select few people each game. It explains why several times a guy would go 40-5. On game last night a guy went 67-1. No effin way.

    On the flip side, I am actually digging the campaign. Also played squads for a few matches last night and it was pretty sweet.
  • Also also, the franchise still lives up to the name.

    Such immature racist fools yelling vulgar slang into the mic while blasting rap in the background. Ugh. Easily fixed by joining your own party or plugging in the mic and not putting headset on, but DAMN.

    Only in CoD games.

    I need to find a fun clan to join.
  • Campaign ramps up when you hook up with the ghosts. Couple missions you are a total bad ass stealthy killing machine. Played my favorite CoD mission ever over the weekend.

    I think lack of knowledge of the maps are another reason I'm getting roasted. I don't know my way around, much less the sight lines.

    I'll be playing a lot more squads in the near future I think to learn the maps. Also I dig the silenced honey badger.
  • Hope you guys have been SAVING the MP for Fuzzfest. *wink wink*

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