AC IV: Black Flag
  • Got my launch review done:'s-Creed-IV:-Black-Flag-Review.html

    For the lazy: Best Assassin's game yet and even awesomer pirate game. Excited to see the Xbox One version.
  • I am loving that it is getting above average reviews. I am in the minority that I enjoyed 3 and am really looking forward to this.
  • I enjoyed 3 too, Connor was just the weak point overall with this character. Edward is a badass and cocky, which I like.
  • I still need to play 3 before I move on to this.
  • What I didn't like about 3 was that I barely understood how to do all of the ancillary stuff. I would rescue these people and yet I had no idea what building a barrel would do for me. In the previous ones I loved getting all my assassins up to 10 and then raining hell upon my enemies.
  • I really hated the tower defense stuff in Revelations. I stopped doing them.

    I'm with you, I loved managing my assassins and sending them out on jobs and leveling them up. That was pretty fun.
  • Oh the tower defense was horrible. I'm glad that went away. What I like is I get the feeling with Black Flag I will want to just explore. Even after beating it just trying to find places to plunder. I want this game. I am just trying to decide if I pay full price or wait for it to fall.
  • I wanted Watch Dogs more. I doubt I'll get through AC3 and AC4 by then tho.
  • I wanted watch dogs more but the more I saw the more I wanted AC. I'm glad they are holding back watch dogs to make it better. I never understood why ubi would have two heavy hitters right off the bat.
  • Yea I'm glad it got delayed, not only to make it better, but there's way too much stuff coming out holiday anyways...and I'll be broke after everything
  • I HATED 3. Got 10-15 hours into it and just stopped.

    Thanks for the review Adam!

    This went from a "no buy" to a "get it cheap for PC" game for me.

    I doubt I will go back to try to finish 3... :why:
  • No problem, thanks for the read!

    Seriously, I'm excited for the Xbox One version

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