Man the xbox is getting pushed around
  • makes me wonder if it is worth having as a console. First COD is 1080p on PS4 and only 720p on xbox. Then people are saying that the Battlefied MP is looking better than the Xbox SP. Plus all of the apparent UI problems they are having that are being leaked as not being fixed by launch time. Things like party chat dropping out. On top of all this devs having trouble with the ESRAM :( I might just hold off until Titanfall.
  • The video on ign comparing BF4 for both consoles makes them look identical. That's SP footage tho.

    I don't think the COD thing has been confirmed. But yea disappointing if true.

    Who the hell is Ahsan Rasheed and why are we trusting what he says?

  • I don't mean to sound like a blind defender. It's just there is always this rush of "leaks" before consoles launch.

    It's tough to wade through the bullshit and in the end it never really matters
  • Ahsan is thuway on neogaf who has leaked stuff before. I guess what bugs me is almost all of the stuff that has been leaked so far has been true and a majority of the xbox leaks has come from multiple sources. I agree when the consoles come out we will see. The big question is not about launch but moving forward. I mean looking back at the 360 launch obviously we didn't even scratch the surface of what it can do. I just look at it and say will the xbox forever be gimped (targeting 720p or 900p native) or will it all even out minus first party stuff. Needless to say holding off until Titanfall seems pretty easy at this point. I don't' think there is any point technically debating the two as the DDR5 is better than what xbox has and the Card itself is a nicer card inside the ps4.

    Plus we all know what matters is the games. Who will have the next "it" game. Sadly that it game isn't at launch.

  • You, know. I'll be the first to say I bit hard on the console wars last gen. I compared specs, screenshots, videos, online, games, exclusives and everything in between. I argued with other fanboys and I probably made a few friends like Hulk pretty annoyed. So this may seem pretty hypocritical coming from me...

    I'm just tired of it, and it might seem coincidental that it's coming at a time where my brand of choice is getting slammed. But I look at it like this. Does it really affect my gaming? Will I ever see COD Ghosts (or any other game) running on both sets of hardware side by side? Nope. Will COD Ghosts look great on my Xbox One in my basement while I'm just in my underwear on a Saturday? Yup.

    Same with Battlefield. Tho, I argue that the comparison proves this guy wrong. They look identical.

    I still don't know who this guy is, but if you're saying he's not just some dude on the internet then I believe you. I am very concerned about what he says about the XBO UI. If that is a real problem then that is an issue that affects me. I'm getting pretty sick of them pulling features for "later". They already pulled the use of a 3rd party headset until next year so my $300 Astros will be sitting on my shelf. They haven't said shit about how the voice control works. Sure, it looks great on a promo video that I can say "Xbox On" and everything will boot up. But how does that work with my home theater? What good is voice control if I still need my remote to do things like turn on my TV, Cable Box, Receiver and all their functions. E from Microsoft says that it's all being controlled with IR Repeaters. Great! release some fucking info! Also for a company that sees digital as the future they aren't really pushing it. I want all my games to be digital next gen, but they aren't giving us a reason to do it. Amazon, Gamestop and others have pre-order deals or at least $10 gift cards with purchase. Microsoft has shown no plans for their digital offerings. So what's the draw here? I'm going to miss out on content and a $10 card so I can snap my games and go on the internet? I have an ipad...

    Sony had the most powerful console last gen, but they got too big for their britches and lost control of North America. This gen Sony came out swinging and knocked Microsoft the fuck back. I can only hope that Microsoft at least sees it coming and changes their gameplan. Discounts, better free games with Gold. Sales, actual free services with Live. Competition is the best thing that we can hope for. It only benefits us.

  • I'm pissed sony's "instant off/resume" is getting pushed back. I'm pissed the new xbox terms of service says they can share your info with other companies.

    I'm just trying to decide if I can make it on one console and if I can which console would be best. I thought the version of battlefield actually looked a tad better on xbox because it had more bloom in the one scene. Still confirmed 720p xbox 900p if that is true is 720p just fine or will the textures on our tv look better than watching an internet video. So much undecided. I'm just glad playstation changed their controller. There is no doubt the second half of last gen Sony had more compelling software. Sometimes I think microsoft stopped publishing anything not named halo.

  • And that's another thing. So much has been proven that the human eye can not tell the difference between 720p and 1080p on a screen 42" or smaller. Some even say 50".

    Sure, most of us have larger screens to game on, but who's to say our eyes can tell the difference between 720p upscaled or true 1080p. Because I've read that the upscaling software on the XBO is fantastic, and it was chosen specifically to bridge that gap.

    I'll take upscaled at a constant framerate (hopefully 60fps) and be happy with it. I'm sure I won't notice any difference.
  • Sadly in videogames that has been disproven in video games. The signage in the background is clearer.

  • You hit a really good point though. Is it still fun. I just want to have fun. I don't care to gloss over every small detail but at 100 bucks more at the moment maybe it is worth holding off.
  • granted there isn't a lot of difference but it is cleaner in some areas. Ugh I just wish I had these systems to play anyways. I want ac4 now that it is getting great reviews.
  • Is that 720p upscaled? cause don't forget that's what we're talking here. I really don't think we'll see much of a difference between them. Even that video it was hard to tell the difference. You can see it though, I'm not going to lie.

    Graphics are important. I'm not trying to discount that. I just think people look at raw numbers and put too much into them.

  • oh absolutely.
  • On the plus side and I had a feeling they would do this. Titanfall is exclusive for the lifetime of the title according to ea. I expect titanfall 2 to be multi.
  • Yea Microsoft opened their wallet with all the positive buzz around it.

    That's why I don't believe the 720p rumors for it. No way is their big 2014 game going to not run at 1080p and 60fps like they originally announced.
  • The only titles I miss from the 360 gen are Gears of War and Forza. I still think someday I'll grab a used console just to play those games. So I'm pretty confident you can live with just one console.

  • Im with Josh on this, the rhetoric with all this stuff is just out of control. At the end of the day, you go with the one that fits your needs, has the games you want, and has the friends you want to play with.

    The other shit is just fluff and bullshit... it's not gonna make a difference in your life.

    Rich's computer is a generation better than mine... like 18 months. he has better specs... we both play and enjoy the same games. Buying a console because the hardware is better got a bunch of people stuck with PS3 when all their friends were on XBox... and look what happened.

    The stuff that REALLY matters, isn't the stuff people are debating.
  • I still stick behind my original opinion.

    But after thinking about it for a few days I think it is pretty pathetic that it's not running in 1080p and 60fps. It's almost 2014, 8 years after the 360 launched and 720p was the norm. I wasn't really thinking about it from that angle when this was announced.

    oh and confirmed. 1080p on PS4 and 720 but upscaled on XBO. I am interested in seeing reviews and comparisons. I'd really like to see the difference between 1080p and upscaled 720p

    I really hope this is just a launch crunch thing. I imagine that once devs get more time with the hardware you'll start to see the gap close.
  • I think a lot of my thought process around this was more or less Fuzz's thought process. Of course graphics don't matter, it's all about the gameplay, right?

    But they want me to spend $500 in a few weeks. They want me to spend more on games, controllers, maybe headsets, and Xbox Live. Ok, I think I'm down for that. After all, it's been a long time since the 360 came out.

    I know that cross-generation games are going to look poor compared to games that are generation-exclusive. But shouldn't the same game on both consoles at least lead to a significant resolution or AA jump? Maybe the textures look similar, maybe a lot of the effects look similar, but shouldn't it look like a real upgrade on things that don't have to do with content creation?

    And if not, what the fuck am I paying $500 for?
  • Realistically, we're looking at diminishing returns for each new console generation from this point out, if there are even generations after the current one that resemble our current understanding of things. But something like immediately generating graphics at the current pre-4K "max" resolution is something that should be a given. Graphics cards from years ago can run PC games at 1080p - how do you mess that up?
  • It should be noted that the PS4 is fucking this up, too. The PS4 is achieving the 1080p via software upscaling that makes things less crisp. The games themselves are running at that lower resolution and the PS4 is faking it out.
  • Phreak, I think that's what the blow up is all about. They are saying that COD Ghosts runs 1080p native on PS4 and the XBO has to use it's voodoo magic to upconvert from 720p to 1080p. I really haven't done any research into this cause I really don't care.

    I really didn't mean to make it sounds like graphics don't matter. I just think people tend to focus on the numbers and not piece all the pieces together. That game Ryse is running at 900p and upconverted to 1080p and may places are calling that the best LOOKING launch title from both consoles. So what's the difference between that and COD? I am very curious how the 2 versions of COD match up in graphics. They've both been confirmed at a locked 60fps.

    At some point it just comes down to shitty developers and time restraints.

    Look at Killzone. There is no real reason that game needs to be a 40gb install (12.5% of the hard drive space filled on the first day). Until you look at their version on PSP Vita that has grown to 7GB with patches. You can't even play it on the cheap memory stick (4gb) so they have a track record of doing this.
  • Here's a non microsoft propaganda video of the XBO UI

    It's pretty slick, obviously that video was short so who knows if it crashes like that guy said, but I like it.
  • That's the old dev console UI and (early, minimal, and with most features missing) without the kinect voice command functionality to allow for snap etc.
  • So are you saying the new one crashes?

    When are you getting yours? I thought you had an inside track on an early one.
  • They aren't giving me an early one of my own. Only times I get to use it is at events for stores :/

    I've not had any crashes
  • Holy shit, you can't play MP3 or CD's OR use the PS4 as a streaming device from your PC. The only way you can get music to it is through their paid(?) service?

    That's terrible.
  • Good discussion guys!

    I have added an Xbox One to my Christmas list...

    I plan on splitting time between PC, and when I wanna game with friends/you guys the Xbone...

    Only reason I will get one... is to game with friends, and whatever few exclusives there ends up being. Most single player stuff I will go PC for sure... while MP stuff I will lean Xbone... or get it for both when it's cheap enough.

    If PS4 ends up with a ton of great exclusives, maybe I'll get one down the road... but I'm in no hurry. I haven't turned my PS3 on to game in a LONG time.

    Plus my gaming time is going to remain at a minimum up until March, when I finish my latest round of police training. :happysad:
  • It's the's the graphics...let's be honest with ourselves gentlemen. A lot of us have settled down into our camps and that is where we are staying.

    I've thought about this over the past couple of days and even though I'm an "adult" there is still a part of me that feels a slight twinge of glee whenever some crap about the XBO is brought to surface because I'm still--after what now has to be 5+ years--annoyed with all the BS I had to put up with going through my 4 360s and Microsoft's craptacular customer service.

    Forza is easily my favorite racing game series and Gears of War is my favorite 3rd person shooter but I won't play them because I see Microsoft's game division as an arrogant group of dickwads. A group of arrogant dickwads who showcased their arrogant dickwadness during the XBO announcement--only to come back later with their tail between their legs and have the audacity to say they suddenly "listened to the gamers" and changed their ridiculous game sharing, 24 hour internet checking, obtuse used game policy silliness.

    So anyway, the good news is that I like you guys based on stuff other than what console you play. Because I like you I hope you get everything you want out of the Xbox One. But if I"m going to be honest (and I said I was at the beginning of this mini rant), I could give two squirts if the whole Xbox brand crashes and burns.

    Oh, and Wooze to me is the only true agnostic gamer. Dude buys and plays EVERYTHING and throws the praises and bitches around evenly without being clouded by any personal judgment. The man's word is gospel in my book. Plus I met him and he's very huggable.

    /bitter old man
  • So, it looks like Xbox One will support DLNA streaming - but only from "Play To" devices, which is horrid bullshit. I specifically moved all of my media to a media server so that I wouldn't need to keep my PC running for it. Dedicated machine, universal communications (DLNA), redundant storage, lower power usage. Great option.

    But now the PS4 doesn't do shit and the 360 only does it via its own shitty solutions. The last time I streamed from my PC, my PC decided to create literal millions of garbage image files that filled up my hard drive and took TWO DAYS of straight processing with a dual core machine on a solid state hard drive JUST TO DELETE THEM.

    So now I'm going to eventually have two new consoles that are both WORSE at streaming media than the PS3. Both want you to use their shit services instead. How ridiculous is that? I'm going to need to buy some WD media streaming box for like $100 just to do what I used to do. And to listen to hip hop while playing Street Fighter (like you do), I'm going to need to dump that onto the Xbox HDD.

    Companies making their own services that you can belong to or ignore is fine. But marrying those services with the devices so hard that they weaken the product is something else. I have an Android phone but don't need to use Google Music - I can use a huge variety of services. That's the way it should be.
  • I've been using the ipad to stream the music to my receiver off of my router. It's been heavenly. I just wish the hdmi out would tell the song that is playing or play a screen saver or some shit.

    I agree with most of what is being said. I would like to add that it still does matter though. Yes games are still fun. Yes it is still the same core experience. Yes I know pc's have been having better graphics for a long time but damn it! I saw videos of what crysis 3 looked like on ultra and the lighting was amazing. I WANT AMAZING! I'd be lying if I told you that sometimes I don't just stand my character around and swing the controller and just lose myself in graphics sometimes.

    I think what agonizes me a bit this time and I know I won't be able to keep it but I was really planning on just buying one system. I don't get a lot of videogame time and there is so much overlap. So if you yes which one has better graphics does matter. I just really hope microsoft studios or something put out a good amount of first party games. That will justify having both. Titanfall exclusive is a hell of a start.

    Also lets be honest. I want to play with you guys but I rarely get a chance to so paying 100 bucks more to "play with my friends" isn't as worth it as it was BURNOUT CONSKI STYLE time period.
  • lol did anyone else see this video last night? It was awesome.

  • @hulk
    Competition is what is making the PS4 so good right now. If Sony won last gen and Microsoft shut down their game division you'd be seeing the same things from them that we did from Microsoft at their reveal. It's eventually going to go that way, Sony just pushed it back a generation because they had the chance to step on Microsoft's throat. Both consoles are going to be digital only next gen. You're going to see the ridiculous game sharing, 24 hour internet checking, obtuse used game policy silliness from both companies. If you remember, Sony never really picked a side of the DRM fence until E3. They saw the beating Microsoft was taking and jumped on it. Don't fool yourself into thinking Sony is our best friend here.

    Microsoft fucked up huge at their console reveal, but I don't think it was necessarily their policies, it was their delivery. They had 60 minutes to show off their console and they spent 15 talking about the things they were taking away then showed us 45 minutes of TV, sports, movies and music. Dumb. I'm not even talking about games here. They had a chance to really push the services they were providing (graphics, Live, cloud processing, dedicated servers, game DVR, game streaming), but instead they left it to "we'll have more details in the future" Then, when they were pressured with legitimate questions they gave bad answers and contradicted themselves. I'm glad Sony put them in check. I'm glad Sony is going to rule this first year. Like I said, competition only benefits us. Microsoft needs to open their huge wallet now and give us a reason to play the XBO. Then if that happens and Sony starts feeling the pinch, they'll do the same.

    I didn't realize that the XBO was using their PC's only. So that means no MP3 players or phones? Sorry dude. I wonder if my Zune will work...

    I was planning on buying a 2TB portable hard drive anyways for games and gamesaves. I'll just throw my music on there and take it with my console when I go places. Between that and the 500gb it comes with I shouldn't need any more space. It sucks that you don't even have that option on the PS4. With the ability of being able to swap hard drives you could have thrown a 2TB or bigger in there and dumped all your music on it.

    Speaking of that, it's terrible that these consoles only come packed with 500gb. Especially since games are getting so big. Killzone itself takes up a huge portion of that. BF3 was close to 30gb with it's map packs on the 360 so I assume it'll be the same, if not bigger on the XBO. With mandatory installs on both consoles, 500gb isn't nearly enough. They are just giving us a reason to buy the new XL version of the console in 2 years..

    We definitely don't play online games like we used to. Randy, Lambo, Niteside and I get on together once or twice a month. We try and set up weekly games, but they don't happen every week. 7 years ago when we were on 3-4 times a week it was so muhc easier to set up a gaming night. I wasn't married, lived with my parents, and didn't have a kid. Growing up ruins gaming! We all decided on the XBO cause it has the games we play together (Halo, maybe Gears) and the games we are interested in like Titanfall. If they both said they wanted to get a PS4 instead I would have done it. I was on the fence myself, but it came down to the exclusives. Last of Us was great, Uncharted games are great I hear, but those aren't games we'd play together.

  • Yeah, 500GB is asinine. Especially when the launch games are 50GB+. That just means that at some point in the future, I'll have to buy a new HDD with a few TB that will be 2x to 3x the cost per GB that a regular HDD would be.
  • The online feature i am most looking forward too as stupid as it sounds is the reputation system. Since I can't game with people I know regularly I'd much rather be able to avoid asshat racists.

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