PAX East
  • Tickets went on sale and within what sounds like seconds, 3 day passes were gone. Because I was at work I couldn't snag one so I had to buy single day passes for Saturday and Sunday. Pretty annoying.

    Passes are already up on ebay.

    There has to be a better way. I had friends constantly refreshing starting at noon who saw the tickets go live and saw availability disappear before getting a chance to buy.
  • Yea, it's a terrible system that somehow needs a fix badly. Is there no limit to how many you can buy, is that part of the problem?
  • Yea that's terrible.

    We were actually thinking about going next year.
  • My understanding is the limit was 5 and they said if they determined you were using multiple email accounts to buy more they would somehowshut you down.

    With the dog and the wife being sick, and all that money spent and lost... I definitely can't swing it now anyway.... still sucks for those who want to go.
  • bitches man....
  • Dude needs to start singing the blues.

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