Hearthstone - I'm in the Beta
  • So I've been playing the Beta now for about a week. As far as CCGs go, it's very "dumbed" down, but that's not a bad thing for a game like this. We have enough hardcore confusing ones, that I like the idea that this is simple and straightforward, but deep in balance.

    The main game-type I'd say is Arena, and it's perfect because it doesn't require you to have a large collection of cards... The game type is sort of a gauntlet where you pick one of three random classes presented to you, and then it'll flip through giving you 3 choices of cards 30 times. You pick one each time and build a deck of 30 cards. It's random and you don't need to own the cards.

    I'm just scratching the surface though, and if anyone else is playing / interested I'll keep adding as I discover more.

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