My experience with the xbox truck this morning
  • Let me start off by saying everything isn't perfect. I didn't go in thinking my life was going to change but I definitely left saying, "Yep it's still videogames and I'm okay with that".

    So I got to play Killer Instinct and Forza.

    Killer Instinct: I got to play as thunder , glacias and jago (saberwolf was available not sure why I didn't play him). They all played very differently. Jago was easier he controlled like ryu at least as far as fireballs and super uppercut. He was the easiest of the three to do combos with. To be quite honest half the time I was trying to figure out the buttons. All face buttons and all shoulder/triggers executed some type of strike.

    This brings me to my first point about the internet. This controller felt like butter and if the PS4 controller is the same/better/slighlty worse then I am a happy camper. The thumbhats now have a little bit of molded plastic and it really gripped my thumb well. Now I have smaller hand so I could see people with giant hands saying the hats were small because they do feel a tad smaller. They also feel like they have less of a dead zone and more resistance which kicked ass. I kept reading people bitching that the shoulder button juts out now and honestly I didn't feel it like that at all. It felt for lack of better words just fine and it actually felt nicer than the current controller. Also the face buttons felt a little larger and the d-pad felt much nicer. All in all this is a solid controller with the only knock I can really agree with being that a super big hand might find the thumbhat a little small. Oh and feeling the rumble in the actual trigger was pretty cool and I look forward to seeing how it is implemented. Definitely feels "different" than having it just in the controller. Needless to say GAF and their enthusiast really let me down on how much they dogged the controller.

    Okay so back to killer instinct. I had fun with it. I think ethan will enjoy it (I hope I can turn blood off). The one weird thing and I think this had more to do with the xbone trucks tv than in actuality but I could only play one stage I wanna say it is sabrewolfs stage (it has the metal bed in the back). Anyways it was really dark. I look forward to playing in a much more bright background because man oh man this game really is pretty and the play was super fluid. What I liked was how different the people I played felt. Glacias definitely is a distance fighter and jago an up close with some range with the fireball, Thunder I guess is a close quarters guy but out of all 3 i was the worst with him. Though some of his moves were pretty damn cool looking. Throwing fireballs was beautiful and going into focus was super cool looking. All of the effects were actually really nice looking. The stage had what seemed like bump mapping or some type of maping that was really gorgeous on just about every surface. Everything had nice textures. All in all it looked even better than the videos i've seen on line when running and certainly is a game I will get day one.

    Forza: This was interesting. This actual went from a purchase to a non purchase. Now this isn't the current build but that isn't the problem. It actually came down to it is forza and honestly I'd rather get rivals (and will especially after seeing how all the nit picking for games is overblown when actually playing it and not viewing from off camera or on a pc). The graphics in the car were certainly better but outside of the game pretty much looked like forza with one big difference. Everything was so clean and high def looking. Might sound silly but it really stood out to me. It made me feel like what I currently know as forza is really an SD version and this is a true HD version. Nothing was blurry and even the lens flare from the sun was really pretty and clean looking. One neat little nerdy thing though is I zoomed out of my car and I was using that orange one they keep showing and the spoiler kept raising and lowering as I was breaking and taking corners and then gaining speed. Really neat effect. Come to think of it I normally play from outside the cockpit but playing in the cockpit was really effortless and helped with immersion. Another thing I kept reading on line and seeing pictures on line about the lack of aliasing but honestly it wasn't nearly as bad as they said and before I thought to myself to look I never even really noticed it. So again. I'm skipping it. Not because it isn't a great representation of Forza but more because at the end of the day it is still forza and I think if I had to choose I'd go Rivals and man oh man I bet it is pretty and runs great. Not to mention drive club is more simulation so unless that blows, it isn't like I can't get my swerve on.

    So all in all I am still just as excited for next gen if not more excited (I don't want to go back to the old controller). I would say in my best highlander voice "If there must only be one" that I would still go PS4 but I don't have half the worries about the xbox performing and actually came away from it with a more positive attitude and definitely want to see what graphical differences a ps4 can offer. I personally am not worried about kinect with privacy and don't mind paying to have it because regardless of the support of it for adults the kids will always have games to play with it. If anything after seeing everything up and running if kinect can surpass our expectation then there is no reason to think that it can't be a plus for the system and might actually make it something that people value.
  • Not that I'm getting an Xbox, but I do appreciate that you took the time to write this up. I'm thinking if this Xbox truck were to show up locally, I might stop by to check it out. Did you get any freebies?
  • No :( Which stunk. I haven't heard of any truck giving anything out but you would think it would give out shirts or something.
  • Thanks for the detailed impressions wooze.
  • As for the KI level being dark, I assume that's because of the truck being outside with glare etc, because I've played it inside and noticed nothing of the sorts.

    I like racers and Forza, but I'm by no means an enthusiast, but the Impulse Triggers for Forza sold me, it's really something that needs to be experienced and felt with the new controller (which is amazing).

    Kinect will do a lot of cool things other than gaming too which a lot of people are forgetting. It'll recognize you and if we play together it will know who is holding what controller. If I pass you the controller but your control scheme preferences are different than mine, when you get the controller from me it will sign you in and change the controller to your settings (inverted etc). Also things like split screen: You know how playing split screen and you're sitting on the left but your split screen section is on the right side of the TV? Kinect will see where you're sitting and your buddy and switch the screen sides for you.

    Dead Rising 3 was amazing to play as well, it's crazy how many zombies in the early build was able to be shown on screen without any slow down at all.

    I'm really excited for the launch, and not just cause of work, but after playing it (even though they are old dev kits and don't have the full functionality yet), my excitement shot straight up.
  • Man, thanks for the write up wooze. I really wish it was coming to Detroit area. I can't believe it's going to Toronto bad Randy isn't going :shame:

    I'm glad you like the controller, that's the most important part. :nudge: I can't wait to feel the rumble triggers.

  • So this is interesting. I'm looking at the schedule for the Xbox Truck and it's coming to Boston in November, but right now it's only scheduled to go to a couple of colleges/universities. No retailers yet. Do they think college students have the money to buy new consoles? Hopefully they will add some locations (there is one date that is listed as TBD).
  • I didn't buy books one semester because I bought a PS2. Don't underestimate the need for gaming..
  • And come to think of it my daughter did smooth talk her way to getting a PS3 a couple of Christmas's ago.

    I revise my earlier thinking: it's quite a brilliant idea.
  • Nice!

    Thanks for the impressions man!
  • What they really need to do is pull up in the Xbox truck, and have one of those tables that where you sign up for a credit card you get a free shirt of the college.

    Man that's dirty, but I bet they'd sell a lot of preorders.
  • Lmao at Josh's school book story. That's hardcore gaming love.
  • I didn't know it was coming till the night of.... and I read a lot of gamign sites... maybe they need to work on their advertising, or maybe, just maybe, they can see I'm in Toronto and email me, or post it on my Xbox Dashboard.

    OR.... my friend who works there could have told me.

    So blame Microsoft.

    ( I honestly don't care for those things... I would have thought it's not enough time to get a good impressions, clearly Wooze proved me wrong. )
  • Yea I mean they track everything else we do and use the data, why not use our location and advertise these things by where we live. There should have been something on the dashboard...but would you really have seen it? I just look past the adds at this point.

    On the flip side Major Nelson has been tweeting it and talking about it for weeks. I check his twitter account daily tho, I know not everyone does.

  • Yeah I'm not a fan of the Major to be honest... I ignore most of the things he posts.... not really sure why. It's just rarely interesting to me and way too biased. ( as one would expect ).

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