Xbox One features announced at comic con

    For the lazy:

    Say "Xbox record" and the Xbox dumps the last 30 seconds to the hard drive. From there you can upload to tons of places without leaving the game.

    Kinect scans faces and links them to profiles and settings. So for all of you savages that don't invert, if we're passing GTA V back and forth it will switch your controller back to normal when you grab it from me.

    3D face modeling for games. Kinect will do a scan of your head and you can use it in games that allow it. Avatars will be more detailed and will mock your emotions.
  • Oh man that auto invert is sweet!
  • Guess I need to start wearing pants tho
  • LMAO @Lambeaus

    The switching thing is pretty cool, mostly because it opens doors to all kinds of cool features with the Kinect sensing who you are.

    Kinect is still mostly useless, but having it installed on EVERY system may bring around some cool features.
  • They face scanning for games is cool.

    The switching is neat but I think the powering on and it going to the right profile is the best feature ive seen as it pertains to me.

    Kinect 2.0 needs to really impress this time. It is way beyond kinect in ability but if you are going to force it and get the luke warm reception and security backlash you better have something people would want if it wasnt packed in.

    I want the new Kinect sports and the last one was my favorite Kinect game that wasnt danve central.
  • Kinect sports was awesome. But the first kinect was kinda janky and would take me out of the moment when it would screw up. The new sensor sounds great, it's what kinect should have been.
  • They need compelling software. That's great I can turn my xbox on and off. It is great that it can tell who is holding the controller, but at the end of the day software is supreme. I'm not sure there was any software that screamed go out and buy a kinect last time.
  • Definitely not. There were some good games like gun stringer and child of Eden. But they sold poorly.
  • I feel like Microsoft is leaving it up to devs and while that is great I think they need to lead the charge aggressively with really great stuff. Even if it is all mini games.

    One thing I am curious about is how much better the workout games will be. While I don't normally workout in my house. I could see using a good one to do from time to time.
  • Well, every XBO will have a kinect. So now devs might use it more.

    I haven't used it in Mass Effect 3 but I've heard it's well done. You can call out commands to your squad. Things like that are cool. Like in skyrim you can use it to pick locations on the map by saying the name. Using it in Ghost Recon was neat, moving my hands around swapping accessories on guns made me feel like Tony Stark.
  • Mass Effect was cool in that you could call out the special abilities.

  • I always wondered though why they couldn't just let you do that through the headset instead of screaming to the tv.

    Supposedly the new one hears better as well so we will see.

  • You could use the headset in ME3
  • @fuzz "like Tony Stark" LMAO
  • Agreed with Xerx. Lmao.

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