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    So here's my deal with it... I want to do the right thing in cases like this. Normally I pick a "side" and then act accordingly, problem is in this case, everyone is making a good point.

    I read this article, and she makes some good points.

    Now, after reading the article, my immediate reaction was three fold.
    1 - They should have let this fight die a LONG time ago.
    2 - The original comic was and still is funny.
    3 - Gabe shouldn't be held accountable and blamed for the reaction of his "fans" who think it's ok to send death threats and rape threats to other over the internet. That's a kin to blaming Video Games for violent crimes. IMO.

    So the question is, where is the right and wrong line? I will never side with idiots who send the type of threats, it's not fair by any means to the target of these comments. As much as Gabe is allowed to make his Dickwolves jokes, other people are allowed to not like it and ignore a brand because of it. Attacking them for it is by FAR the worst part of all this. However, where does PA's responsibilities lie. Gabe has repeated OVER and OVER that those type of reactions are outlandish, cruel and totally against his point.

    My stance falls on the line of Gabe's. I believe he feels that he's made funny content, and people are making it about them, when it's not... a movie with a rape scene in it, isn't about someone who's been raped before. It's not meant to make them re-live the terrible experience but it doesn't mean we boycott the movie. I think that's the point Gabe is trying to make, that he made a comic and the whole rape culture backlash grabbed on to it and made it a symbol of their fight, which IMO, isn't fair to the original work, and thus isn't fair to Penny Arcade and it's probably why Gabe is "fighting" so much to make that point.

    On the other hand, I understand to a point, the side that says they're just mocking the people with complaints, they're just rubbing it in, and they need to "grow up".

    At what point is it PA's job to stop and at what point is it the people who feel "unsafe" by this to seek the help they need so that comics about Dickwolves don't offend them?

    Wow... I wrote more than I wanted to. But I felt like this is a good place to get dialogue from people who will understand where I'm coming from. I'm open to changing my views on this, I'd like other opinions.

    Also don't forget that this is an open forum, so your post will be, at some point, gobbled up by the Google.
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