Sega Dreamcast
  • So growing up, I was all about Nintendo.

    Around the time Dreamcast came out, I was more interested in getting laid, than playing games, so I sorta missed the whole generation. I got back into gaming with the PlayStation, and CD Burners and by then the Dreamcast was on the decline.

    What was so great about it? Why is there a thread on Reddit that 14 years ago today was so great. Someone clue me in because from what I know about it.... it was a failed product with no support.
  • I never owned one but I do remember the only 2 games I played on it were Crazy Taxi and Nights into Dreams
  • Yea I don't get the love for this console either.

    (gay story incoming)

    I have fond memories of it because it's the console Niteside and I really became friends with. Playing hours upon hours of Soul Calibur when he should have been hanging with my sister are some of my fondest memories gaming. Crazy Taxi, ready to rumble, and Shadow Man were ok too. Oh and HYDRO THUNDER!!!

    Other than those I can't think of any stand out games. It really was a terrible console.
  • man the dreamcast was awesome... soul calibur and quake 3 arena alone was enough for me.. and don't forget code veronica
  • I still have Half Life on it thanks to Woozy. If that got a proper release I wonder if that would have changed its fate.
  • Off the top of my head:

    - I remember seeing the the footage for NFL 2K (or whatever it was called) and was blown away by the smoothness and clarity of the graphics. It was way ahead of the jaggy PSOne and the foggy N64.

    - Soul Caliber

    - The Panzer Dragoon games.

    - Le Mans Test Drive (I once attempted to do the 24 hour race. The tv was in the home office and we had a day bed in there. I was all comfy with snacks and blankets because it was winter and I started the race. I think I lasted around 3 hours. I wanted to have a buddy come over and help but it didn't happen).

    I got a lot of fun out of the system, but it wasn't my favorite by any stretch.

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