14 Minutes of Watchdogs (no spoilers)
  • http://kotaku.com/14-minutes-of-watch-dogs-looking-like-one-of-2013s-bes-1251889519

    Here's a vertical slice of Watch Dogs. This is a pretty awesome video. It shows how you can jump into someone elses game and hack them for info and money. Other people can jump into yours as well. Seems like a cool feature.

    This just jumped up a notch on my list. I really want to check out Dead Rising 3 but this just looks too cool.
  • I'm REALLY excited for that multiplayer, I know it's going to distract me often
  • I went with the Watch Dogs PS4 bundle. Only thing that looked screwy in the video was some of the movement animation.

    And I realize it's just a game, but it seems weird to me that the main character would crouch down between houses to watch a woman while there are 3 or 4 people standing around--none of whom say anything.
  • I thought the same thing when he hid behind the wall. That would raise some suspicion.

    The other part that threw me was how the guy behind the counter noticed him cause of a previous crime. That's awesome and all, but if simple acts are going to be stopped because of this system there better be some serious rewards for playing as a thief. As I see it now, being "bad" just seems like a hassle.

    I'm sure there's more to it.
  • I hope so. Does the current gen version release before the next gen?

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