Windows 8 is weird
  • I went into this with no real preconceived notions except hearing on some tech broadcasts that W8 isn't that great. I think it looks slick with the tiles and I like the animations moving in and out of programs, but it feels like there are 2 operating systems active at the same time.

    When I boot stuff from the desktop I was getting low resolution windows. I had to do a web search to realize I needed to change the properties of some of the apps. Yet, when I would launch stuff from the tiles, it would look fine.

    I don't know. It feels like I'm half-in/half-out of some type of hybrid mobile/desktop environment.
  • It has always seemed more like a mobile or tablet OS. I never thought it would translate well on a desktop.
  • when 8.1 comes out it will act more like 7 with the start menu etc
  • This is why I'm waiting until 8.1 is released to upgrade my machine.
  • I can download the beta for 8.1 but I think I'm going to just wait for it to be released.
  • I could go on for days about the shit show that is Windows 8.

    Is it the end of the world? No... it's functional. But for something as important as an OS from a company like Microsoft, it's a disgrace and they should be ashamed.

    Like clearly this thing is put together by thousands of people... did ONE of those people try to use it as a whole system??? It's so broken and fragmented it's a joke. Skype on W8 made me want to kill babies.
  • It's almost like they wanted to go with the tiles and then at the last minute someone was like, "we have to include SOME type of desktop experience" so they threw it in half-baked.
  • i agree with everything sw0rd said HAHA!!

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