New laptop!
  • My 4 year old Alienware m11x is showing its age. One of the hinges is broken and it's slowing down considerably. So I floated out the idea of getting a new laptop, didn't get any resisitance, and now have an Acer Aspire S7 ultrabook on order from amazon.

    I was looking for a few things: touchscreen (because of Windows 8), SSD for speedy start up and performance, and portability. Did some research and the S7 seemed the way to go. Has 8GB of RAM and the Intel i7 processor. It's not a gaming laptop, but from what I've read it will be able to handle Civ V and really, isn't that all that matters?

    And because it's amazon I could use my amazon reward points towards the purchase, and because it's amazon and I used my amazon credit card to buy it, I'll be getting triple reward points on the purchase, which should come out to roughly $40 in amazon credit. Oh, and no sales tax.
  • Yeah you won't be gaming much on it. The Intel graphics cards aren't really meant for gaming. Even Civ 5 could be a little rough. That game is pretty intensive when you zoom right out. Not The Sims 3, but it's pretty demanding.

    As long as you're looking for a Laptop first, and a gaming system second, this should have you covered.

    If you want to do more gaming, you should hold out for a model with a graphics card. That said, with your other needs, it'll run you around $2K at least.
  • Shoulda got a MacBook Air....
  • So my new laptop is here and I'm typing this from it and it turns out it came with some free software and one of the free titles is.....wait for it.......CIV V.

    I think that's kind of funny.
  • LOL Yeah that's pretty jokes.

    How is it?
  • It's interesting getting used to windows 8. Visually I think it's pretty cool and everything runs nice and smooth. Start up is crazy. There's a power button but the system, from shut down, powers on when you lift the screen. It boots within seconds and everything opens quickly.

    Some of the stuff you are used to like minimize buttons are gone. And living in this world of half apps, half normal windows experience is a little jarring. For example, if I am listening to Google Play through Chrome, if I jump back to the Start screen the music pauses. Or if I jump into an app the music pauses. Definitely don't like that and I'll need to see if there is a fix/workaround. I keep hearing about the 8.1 update and how that is going to make the windows world much easier to live in somehow.

    The hardware itself is awesome. I like the gorilla glass cover, it makes the laptop feel sturdy. When I first took it out of the box my wife said it looks just like a mac, and she's right. The screen is great, my battery indicator tells me I have 7 hours left to go, and the notebook even came with sleeve/portfolio which is a nice brushed faux-grey leather type material. So far I'm really digging it. We'll see how it goes after the honeymoon.

    Oh, I will say that the biggest pain in the ass, by far, with this new machine has been getting Steam loaded on it. I can appreciate security, but Steam insisted I verify this notebook by sending me a code to my email address. Problem was, it took over an hour for the email to get to me. And since I restarted the process a few times out of frustration, some of the codes I got were "old" and couldn't be used. All told it took about 2 hours to get that crap squared away.
  • The steam emails I get for verification were always instant.
  • yeah that's strange that it took that long. What a pain in the ass.

    I HATE Windows 8, I think that whole half world switching thing is just terrible. Why they'd go with that and think it's a good idea is just stupid.

    At least you have the touchscreen.

    Glad you're liking it though.
  • I keep forgetting I have the touchscreen. I've barely used it.

    Though I launced Civ V and there are touch enabled controls. Not sure how useful they will be but at least the game runs nice and smooth.
  • The menus from the side, and the app switching is WAY better with touch. With the mouse it's just awkward and way too much work.

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