PAX East 2014
  • 2010 was an absolute blast!

    As long as air and hotel aren't too outrageous, I'd like to go. Anyone else interested in going next year?
  • Have the dates been set?

    I would love to go. But it really depends on hotel and airfare prices. We're going to Disney next year so all my extra money is tied up in that trip. If we can snag cheap airfare ($300+ last time was too much) and can share hotel rooms I think we'd be able to swing it.

    Maybe we can stay with Hulk :lub:
  • This sounds so much fun
  • Come to Prime instead :(
  • lol @ stay with Hulk.... He's offered for me before.

    How much would it cost us to drive all as one? HAS to be cheaper than air fare.

    My place to your place is like a tank of gas.... from there to Boston, it's what? 8 hours? another tank or two?

    So if we calculate ALL of that, it's 6 tanks... $350.... divided by 3. Cheap! Hotel, we just cram 9 of us in a room again. Done!

    I would love to do both next year, but getting married in October is gonna make that a challenge.
  • Driving would definitely be cheaper. We could look into that for sure. That plane ticket for $350 killed me last time. It's so overpriced for a 40 minute flight.

    My concern that since it's gotten bigger there will be longer lines to play games. We pretty much walked up to a few booths and picked up a controller and that place was PACKED. There were lines there, some said it was 2+ hours to play Crackdown Imagine what it's gonna be like to play Titanfall this weekend. I'd rather wander around and look at stuff than stand in line to play 10 minutes of a game.

    The panels are sweet too. I'd wait in line for those cause they are longer and you get free stuff. All the people meeting up with Major Nelson are getting a year of live and they are giving away an Xbox One at the panel.
  • PAX will always be crowded and you'll have to wait in long lines for games and panels. That's just part if it. They did move it to a larger convention center. So the booths may be bigger but there will also be even more people.

    A road trip isn't out of the question for me. It'll just depend on if I can get an extra day or two off from work.

    How much is parking in Boston?
  • Airfare isn't looking too good. $432 for nonstop from Detroit to Boston.

    $440 nonstop from Detroit to Seattle. WTF?!
  • I think we should get TheHigherEnd to pick us up in the Scooby-Doo van I assume he owns and drive everyone to Boston.
  • Yeah wilting for the panels is something I'm more interested in. Free play and the board game area were a blast too!!
  • I will definitely be going again. For me PAX has been more about boardgaming then the videogame stuff so I can't speak too well about the lines. I can confirm that it is crazy crowded.

    The year before last I stayed in one line to watch a video of the most recent Assassin's Creed so I could get the blow up hatchet that my daughter wanted. I think I was in line for about 90 minutes. It was fine because I had my Vita.

    I'll help in any way I can with however you guys decide to get here.
  • We had some preliminary discussions this weekend. I think PAX on a budget can be done, but we're going to have to see who's budget is what.

    With the wedding next year, and Fuzz has 3 trips already scheduled and the airlines are NOT co-operating!

    Maybe we can canoe there.
  • I know having looked at flights to head towards you or Fuzz the price has always seemed stupidly high. :-(

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