White Xbox One for MS employees only
  • http://kotaku.com/this-white-xbox-one-sure-is-snazzy-too-bad-its-only-f-1202479119


    Images of an employee-only white Xbox One have been circulating today, and the design sure looks neat. Cooler than the black one, even. Too bad it's just for Microsoft staff. At least for now.P

    As for the image's veracity... one source familiar with goings-on at Microsoft tells Kotaku it's real, and IGN is reporting that their sources have confirmed it too. When reached by Kotaku, Microsoft declined to comment.P

    If you don't mind some idle prediction, I'd say this won't remain employee-exclusive forever. Could be a new model at some point after the new Xbox launches this November.1
  • Reddit had the best comments.

    User#1: The black one runs faster
    User#2: the white one works

    Lmao. Shame. Lmao
  • I like black consoles cause they match my HT, but give me crazy colored controllers. I still don't know why they don't go nuts on colors. They make their money up with accessories, you'd think blue, white, green and other colors would sell pretty well. Is it a cost issue? Do they really cost that much to make?
  • Yeah, you'd think that would be an area ripe for exploitation. However, maybe it's one of those things that's best introduced a little later on. Oh, I've got four black controllers, but maybe I want to get some colored ones... and then people buy 'em twice.
  • I like me my black controllers. Just makes the whole setup match and look clean. Having bunch of different colored controllers? WTF is this, a little kids setup? That might work for Fuzz cause he looks like he's 8. :-P
  • I quite like the white one actually. Wonder how long till the first of those end up on Ebay
  • They do have a ton of colours though don't they? Or are you just referring to the One at launch?

    I was in Best Buy the other day and saw like 5 different controller options, including their Chrome series ( FUGLY ) and some of the Halo and Gears ones.
  • ok maybe not a "ton"
  • For the XBone? They're doing Halo and Gears controllers for the XBone?
  • No I was talking about the 360 controllers. Halo, Gears and Chrome ones. Plus the Black, White and Red etc... they already have. I think Fuzz is talking about One though which makes my point stupid. :D
  • No, I meant the 360. I'm not talking about limited ones like Tomb Raider, Gears, Halo and Fable. The all red one was a Gears controller btw. Those were pretty awesome and I loved my ODST controller up until Hurley ate it. The Halo 4 was the best IMO.

    The only good color released was the silver.

    The light blue, pink, chrome and gold ones were terrible. I want orange, yellow, blue, green, red, purple. Just plain colors. I dunno, it seems like aside from the limited game ones the choices are pretty slim.

  • I have an all red one... it's not Gears either. Just red. Think it came out about the time the RE5 console came out.

    I agree more solid colours would have been awesome.
  • Favourite colours of harbour labour.
  • Man Nintendo was all over the colored controllers with the N64. And because they didn't use any effed up screws to hold the covers in place you could mix and match the tops and bottoms to make them two-toned.

    Oh and the Dreamcast! I just went down to the basement and checked my controller drawer and found these:

  • I had a clear smoke dreamcast and controller set.

    Amazon has colored shells for controllers but the reviews are mixed as to how they fit.
  • I wish I still had the dreamcast I bought... just to say I had it.
  • I still have the Dreamcast tee shirt I got for preordering it through Electronics Boutique.
  • I still have nitesides I stole from him a long time ago.

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