Boardgames (Phreak! Come here! I want to you!)
  • Phreak and I need some dedicated space to discuss boardgames, but of course all are welcome.

    PHREAK - my new obsession is Robinson Crusoe-Adventure on the Cursed Island. It's a scenario based co-op where you basically get dumped on an unexplored island and have to survive/complete the scenario parameters. Extremely story driven and thematic. Decisions you make early on can come back to haunt you later in the game because you shuffle adventure cards you draw into an event deck (e.g. my character was out exploring and ate some berries. They didn't quite sit right and later in the game when the card was drawn from the event deck, my character had a bad reaction to the berries and had to suffer 3 wounds).

    Some of the scenarios include building signal fires, rescuing a lost girl, dealing with cannibals, and there is even a bonus scenario available from the designer where you have to try and capture King Kong. Pretty cool.

    Only downside is right now it's tough to find as demand has outstripped supply. More should be available within a month or so though. Something to consider!
  • That sounds really fun. We've been on a bit of a lull in our board gaming since summer started but should be back in as soon as the weather goes cold again. I've really enjoyed the coop from Pandemic and the one King Arthur game, so this really sounds cool.
  • I'm waiting on my Eminent Domain expansion. I find that the base game favors one main strategy. I'm hoping he xpansion will solve that.

    That Robinson Cureso game sounds interesting. Hapow many different events are there? I suppose that you can replay them though as it sounds like there's some deck building going on..

    You guys play any of those online dominion games? I signed up with the official one this week on Goko. Might be fun to get some games in.
  • I traded away my copy of Eminent Domain. I thought it was interesting, but as you said, it didn't seem like there was much variety strategy-wise. I traded it before hearing of the expansion, but luckily I traded it away to a friend, so I still play it from time to time.

    Another scifi deck-builder that I really like is called Core Worlds. What depresses me about deck-builders is all the set up and breakdown with the cards. Core Worlds takes a different approach with the game taking place over 10 phases, and each phase has it's own deck to buy/conquer from. So there is now randomizing necessary in setting up the games market. Each player has a homeworld and you build a deck of fleet and infantry to take over worlds that appear in the market. Then worlds give you resource, which you then use to buy more fleet and infantry. I really like it and the one expansion that is already out for it opens up the game a lot more.

    Robinson Crusoe comes with 6 scenarios and there are already a couple additional scenarios the game designer created and posted online. He's also mentioned on his blog that he has a couple more that will soon be ready to release. If you read some of the reviews you'll also hear that many people believe the first scenario alone would be enough variety in the game so the other scenarios are just frosting on the cake. Plus you have a dog. How can you go wrong with a game that gives you a dog?

    As far as the deck building aspect of RC, it's the event deck that ends up being built, as players don't really hold any cards in their hands. It's a really neat mechanic. I would suggest checking youtube for some reviews if interested. The only real caveats I would mention is it's availability and the complexity of the rules. They aren't written very well.
  • Gonna look into it. Sounds awesome.

    We need to have more board game nights around here... they're lacking these days.
  • I found the group I meet with Thursday nights from Been hanging out with them for a few years now. Some of the dudes have become good friends (some not, but that's life).

    Canada represents!
  • Haha... Well I DID move in with you after meeting you what, once? ;)
  • Yup. My wife-to-be. Same thing. LOL

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