Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
  • So, I'm working my Xbox backlog before I get an Xbox One and have been putting in some time with RDR Undead Nightmare. It's pretty fun so far, the writing feels pretty intensely B-movie and the action is still fun. It's got me thinking a lot about how much fun RDR was and what I expect from GTAV.

    Some of the things seem a bit mysterious, though, like how I ran into Pestilence (the horse) seemingly randomly. I tamed it, and now ride it, but I hadn't planned on it. Any good tips/guides to share?
  • Trading in RDR is my biggest mistake in gaming, it's one of my top games this gen. To make things worse I traded it in before I finished Undead. It's $20 on the marketplace. I'd like to see it drop, I'm hoping when GTA V comes out they'll have a Rockstar sale. I'd like to have this in my digital library.
  • I bought and, surprise, haven't played Undead Nightmare.

    Thinking about RDR does make me more excited to play GTA:V than thinking about GTA:IV. Damn that was an awesome game... minus the plant picking shit. Fuck that.

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