Day One Next Gen: XboxOne or PC and continue the 360
  • I've pre-ordered myself an XboxOne, but

    The debate has heated up inside my head recently.

    XBO: I love console gaming, I like the simplicity of it, plug it in, turn it on. I love the ease of voice chat with the guys while playing games, gaming is a social thing, and I enjoy to shoot the shit and the like while playing.

    PC: I've got a great rig, can play anything, no worries. Not all titles I enjoy are available on PC anymore. I love sports gaming, I generally complete 4-5 seasons with my franchise in Madden every year(yes I love football that much) I've begun enjoying the NHL series again, I love the golf games too. These don't seem to be offered on the PC anymore and that is quite frustrating and can I really push myself to buy a new console for only a few sports titles? I don't play them online, (well I will dabble in Madden and dominate some friends)

    With more people playing on the PC now than ever, I'm starting to waver more and more on this. Especially since, my gaming time is always limited anyways nowadays, is it worth it for me to have two systems?

    Is anyone considered doing this approach? Or am I alone in the dark?
  • I can honestly say that I am torn on next Gen (I know that is shocking to hear... NoWareMan cant make up his mind on something... :happysad: )

    I LOVED my 360. I played it WAAAYYYYY more then my PS3.

    But there are a lot of things I am not comfortable with... and that's a big reason I built my gaming PC.

    So far I am LOVING it... and I have NO next gen consoles pre ordered.

    This will be the first time since the ORIGINAL NINTENDO that I don't get a system at the launch of a generation.

    I am gonna play wait and see... and if I HAD to pick right now... I am leaning PS4... but I think I am gonna be on the PC the most... but we will see.
  • I know I'll get a XBO, hopefully day one.

    I do play PC twice a year tho. Can't beat the summer and holiday steam sales.
  • Noware will you play BF4 with mouse and keyboard?
  • I have XBO preordered. Most likely a day one purchase. My PC still isn't that great so playing new games on it is tough. The wife wants a Mac, so if I spend money on a computer it will be that.
  • If they launched today and I was buying one I'd get an XBO.

    With the wedding and shit I'm holding off on it for awhile but I'm sure I'll eventually get it. You know, Halo 5 and all that.
  • Lambo, I am torn.

    I have been told I will get owned using a controller on a PC.

    So I suppose I will give Mouse and Keyboard a shot... Whatever I die less using is what I will stick with. :happysad:
  • Just curious nwm. What aren't you comfortable with the XBO?
  • I haven't studied either system a ton.

    But it seems from the little bit I have, Xbox seems too focused on things OTHER then games. That along with the whole wishy washy Used games situation... I just feel like Microsoft is kind of being a bag of dicks. Saying "we know whats best... it's gonna be this way, and your gonna like it... now go check your fantasy football stats."

    I could care less about a lot of that stuff.

    I've had my head in the sand on PC gaming for a good 7-10 years now...

    There used to be a point where that was all I did (Commodor 64 for Life!) There are obvious advantages and disadvantages to both (console or PC gaming)

    I am sure I will end up with at least one next gen system...

    But with some uncertainty in the marketplace... I am in no hurry to jump into a console. I like what I am hearing Sony has done with their on line service... and where I used to defend Microsoft to the death for charging for Live... I am not not so sure that is the best product for the money. They seem to be trying to play a little catch up offering free games now... but I don't know... I wanna sit back and see how it unfolds a bit. Both companies have made statements, only to retract them, or go a COMPLETELY different direction with them (the whole used games bit)

    I bought all 3 systems last gen (and the gen before that) And I have made an oath to myself that I will NOT do that again. Last gen the Wii and PS3 went pretty unused... This gen the WiiU is easy to skip... its gonna be a toss up between the XB1 and PS4...

    Now, we all know that my mind can change as fast as the weather... so who's to say I won't end up with a next gen system before years end... but as it stands today... I am holding off to see how things go.

    My PC is doing a more then adequate job of filling my gaming needs...
  • I think that the XBO redeemed itself at E3 with games. It out showed the PS4 with exclusives.

    There's still ton of time left. Both companies aren't finished announcing things. Don't write off the XBO just from the console reveal. It's got games
  • Yeah...

    That's part of the reason I don't wanna make a decision yet.

    I figure by the end of the year/early next year it will be more clear cut. (Or it may not be at all... both PS4 and XB1 may be pretty identical)

    I'm glad to hear that XB1 redeemed itself at E3 (like I said, I haven't followed it a ton/very close)

    Competition is good.

    I just hope Microsoft stops worrying about fantasy football and starts focusing on games.
  • They showed you a console at a console reveal and games at a game convention.

  • It is only 4 months away. Be here before you know it.

    Which is good. Can't WAIT for BF4!
  • I will likely end up with an Xbox one when I can afford one.
  • Ps4 at launch xbo when it gets a price cut. I was looking back and historically every system has had a price cut around 8 months after release. We will see what happwns when titanfall comes out (pretty bummed no single player but hoping this gen I can get into more multiplayer).

    What is good/bad is this next gen both are released so close to each other that getting both seems a bit overboard.
  • Got both on order but I know I won't pick up PS4 at launch and just give the preorder to a friend. There's no exclusives I care about for PS4 yet or anytime soon. I'm getting excited for Xbone though.
  • I have the ps4 day one preordered thru amazon. Just looked and they don't have any xb1 day ones left. Guess my decision was just made for me.
  • I wish I could make a poll.... :happysad: I'd like to see where everyone is at...

    If I am not mistaken (based off this and other threads), Sea is the only one exclusively on PS4 (but that didn't sound firm)... with everyone else either getting Xbox One (or both)

    (I know a few are holding off for various reasons)

    But it sounds to me like Xbox is going to continue to be the one to get (to game with you guys anyway...)

    As of now, I'm still in a holding pattern... not sure what I will do about newer games when they come out, like CoD and Battlefield.

    My xbox gold runs out on 9/6. I don't think I will renew as of now (especially at Microsoft's default price)

    PS4 is going to require PSplus to game on line now, right?

    My budget may force me to stay with the PC and get stuff when its cheap (as opposed to launch) So far it seems like PC prices drop a little quicker... so that's a small plus :happysad:

  • If you think Sea is only getting the PS4 you don't know him very well. :)

    It should really come down to exclusives and friends. Both consoles themselves will be identical spec wise (and better than your PC), and all multiplat games will look and play the same for the most part. Sony seems to be snatching up exclusive content for some great games like watch dogs and destiny. While Xbox is getting early access to cod and bf4 content again. So other than some extra missions here and some DLC there both games will be the same. Chances are the "exclusive" DLC will come to the other console in a GOTY edition or something or show up a year later.

    Both consoles charge for online now. PSN is the better buy, but it sounds like Xbox is getting dedicated servers on a lot of their mp games. Cod titanfall and BF4 being the main ones. I do not know if PSN will have dedicated servers.

    You've been paying for live for years. They finally start giving free games, have dedicated servers and a ton of new features with the game recording channels. You should have cancelled years ago when we were just paying for online and chat and still littered with ads. Now seems like a silly time to cancel unless you're done with 360 and aren't getting XBO.

    The friends thing. I dunno, have you played much with friends on PC? I know that I would have picked the Wii U if that's the console Nite, Lambo and sword picked. Cause those are the guys I play with and we do it as often as we can. If you've got friends on PC then you'll get the most use there. Other than that I say XBO cause I know you played with Lambo.

    Also Titanfall > anything on PS4. You should really watch some videos. It's a PC game too.
  • Agree with everything Fuzz said except "and better than your PC".

    There is NOOOOOOOOO Chance of that happening. On my PC the new console's will have better GPUs, but the rest of the system makes up for it.

    I could also buy a new GPU for $200, but that's half the price of the console.

    For me, the ONLY factor that will put any weight on when and which console I get is what you guys are up to. If everyone is paying this new rad game for the Xbox ( IE Titanfall ) then I'll grab an XBox.

    The trouble is I have friends on all platforms, playing all kinds of different games and at all different times, and for some reason, outside of LoL, I'm playing mostly alone like a hermit.
  • Did I say Sw0rdfish's PC?
  • His is better than mine.... I think. I forget now.
  • We've been down this road before. I don't want to do it again.

    Noware, stop making these threads and stick to PC gaming. :P
  • I am upgrading my GPU :happysad:

    EVGA step up program from a GTX 670 to a GTX 780! Woot!

    I am not good at comparing stuff... but I think my computer will be a little better... but honestly I don't care about that.

    It's all gonna come down to who is where (console wise) and money.

    Curious to see how next gen goes with game prices... will they discount as fast on console's as they seem to on PC? Hoping they do, since its gonna be digital as opposed to disks? I dunno.

    The ONLY thing I've missed the last few months is playing with you guys... (even though no one is usually on when I am) other then that I am pretty happy at the moment. It will be hard to make a console purchase.

  • We're a long way from digital consoles. The Internet ruined that.
  • I'm going with the XBO. The exclusives, features, cloud computing, dedicated servers and where most my friends will be own me over.

    Sony sold me on their console and the dual shock 4 but, for me, they fell way short on exclusives. They have a lot of indie games that are "console exclusive at the time of launch" but I'll be able to play those on steam. Or on XBO later. Knack is the only launch game that I'm interested in on PS4.

    I'll probably consider a PS4 when Naughty Dog's next game comes out.
  • I'm kinda in the same boat. There's 0 exclusives for ps4 I care about, so there's no need to get one until that day. The two I thought were going to be exclusive are now coming to Xbone, so I'm happy.
  • Tried to work the backlog last night and run the BF3 campaign. I failed.

    I love this game in a few ways. The multi player is awesome, the graphics are awesome, and the sound design is second to none. But man did the campaign suck, even early on.

    I kept running into the same problem checkpoints over and over again. One had me going up on a bridge to man an LMG, but my cover kept breaking and there didn't seem to be a good solution. Go prone and just hope that the cover didn't break earlier in the fight seemed to be the only solution, I didn't seem to be able to make a difference, by my own actions, to my chances of survival.

    Then, in the next level, I got checkpointed ahead of three dudes aiming at my back. Most of my respawns involved dying within two seconds, but occasionally I could move just fast enough that they missed their first shots. So then it would be about perfectly executing the next few moves through repetition and learning exactly where they would be and what cover worked, right? Standard video game stuff. Except half of the times the guys would spawn differently than where they were the last time I ran it. So I couldn't rely on that trope and just had to get lucky.

    Which, after like thirty tries, I did. Great! Bad checkpoint passed, I can move on to bigger and better things.

    Then it froze about ten seconds after my successful run.

    I uninstalled it immediately after and am going to try something else. Maybe Fallout New Vegas, which I never finished.
  • That sucks Phreak. Nite likes the BF3 story. I've played some co op. I still would like to play through the campaign.

    I played more Borderlands 2 with Nite and Lambo last night. Hopefully gonna get some Halo 4 time in tomorrow night.
  • We lost sooooooo much money on dying and ammo last night
  • Outside of the boss fight we are on, I'm having much more fun playing BL2 on UVHM. More of a challenge instead of flying through everything.
  • i never got to play ANY of the naughty dog games :( so hopefully) Sony will get their backward comparability shit straitened out... the first one to do that which will probably be sony will be the first system i buy... i'm really not in a hurry to get another console. Leaning heavy towards sony first then xbone
  • BL2 on UVHM is too hard :(
  • Yea, I had fun, but I wish I was higher level. I died a lot more than you guys did. I was doing no damage (understandable) and it's just not fun for me to hang back and watch you guys do all the work while I tag along sucking up XP.

    I would do some damage when I'd gunzerk, but I was trying to save that for when I got shot since it refills my health. I was using it as a life saver, I would have died 30 more times if I didn't...
  • You guys should start over with characters you only use together!
  • We were doing that. But then nite and Lambo pulled ahead.
  • Diuchebags
  • Nah it's all good. I can't get on as much as them. I don't expect them to wait.

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