HT guys... any reason not to get this receiver?
  • I'm pretty sure that I want a Sony STR-DN840, and I've been looking at these for a while now:,-Network-Receiver,-7.2-ch/en/p/STRDN840

    My plan is to combine it with this setup which I'll uprade to 7.1:

    It looks like it has everything that I need - a bunch of HDMI inputs, 4K pass-through for years down the road, lots of power, Bluetooth, etc. Can you think of any details that I'm not thinking of, any reason not to pull the trigger on this?
  • They are all the same anymore. No?
  • Keep in mind everything is going to run through your Xbox one!
  • Yeah I don't think that you can go all that wrong anymore if you buy from one of the majors - Yamaha, Onkyo, Sony, Denon, whatever.
  • Ill look into this tomorrow afternoon.
  • I LOVE my Onkyo TX-NR626.

    Lots of ports, finally. Lots of features. I love the Net feature where I can sign in to Pandora and shit like that and stream from there. Truth be told though, any receiver is probably good enough for all that because you have so many devices that can stream to your system for shit like music and movies.

    Ports and Quality is what I'd focus on. Then go for the fluff.

    Also... just do what @TheFuzz says on this shit. he's pretty smart.
  • That receiver got some great reviews. Cnet loved it. Says it's the best amp value of the year. I say go for it. 6 HDMI is nuts!!! Bluetooth, airplay and wifi. All good.

    and NHT is a great brand. a 300W 10" sub will be a beast. That makes up for not having subs in the towers. I like it. Kinda hard to recommend without hearing it, but like I said NHT is a great brand. I was looking into those and Paradigm before I went with Aperion.

    Killer setup man. I'm stoked for you. I wish I lived close so I could come help install. I love that shit.
  • We're running the wire under the floor this weekend to prep for the new gear... I'm going to wait and upgrade to 7.1 in the winter time when I have more $. I'll take pictures!

    And thanks for looking at stuff. :)
  • Ordered! OMG!
  • Nice.

    Welcome to Awesometown... Population. You.

    I want Fuzz's basement :(
  • Yeah, so do I.
  • For that matter, Ode's basement is also fucking awesome. WTF MICHIGAN
  • @sobka's basement is prime for couch wrecking.

    It's also home to Extra Life! My favourite one-day event.
  • Yea I love the shape of odes basement. So much room for activities.

    He did a great job redoing it.
  • His basement ( and yours for that matter ) are bigger than my whole condo :(
  • Lmao "coach wrecking". I wish I had video of that.
  • What I've learned over the years about HT systems is that the receiver makes or breaks your set up. I'm partial to Onkyo receiver because that absolutely wow me with their sound quality. That Sony receiver has very impressive connectivity features. I was really surprised to see Air Play built in. Also, it's pretty powerful for the price. The only question is how does it sound? Is there a retailer near you that could demo it for you?
  • No, no retailers around me that I can think of. The big box ones are the only ones that would carry any receivers at all and they're all crappy.

    The one Circuit City around here used to have a really nice demo room but that's been closed for years. That room was awesome for stuff like that.

    The speakers arrive Thursday, the receiver maybe Saturday. :nudge:
  • So, last night Jen and I set about the task of changing out my crappy HTiaB speaker wire for 14 gauge wire. I don't think she was thrilled at the task when we first started, but we actually had a lot of fun. Cooperation is awesome.

    Anyway, being able to cut my own wire, strip it, and attach the plug ends makes me feel more handy than it actually should. I mean, it's really basic home stuff, but I got a real kick out of doing it. We had to drill new, larger holes in the hardwood to get the thicker wire through, but everything worked out really well.

    Except the distance. I bought 100' of wire, and I think my actual need is probably 105'. Lovely.

    So I need to order more cable, but at least most of the work is already done before my new equipment arrives. Should make setup (hopefully) this weekend much easier. And it's a genuinely pretty setup when you've got a bunch of gold plugs you put together yourself hanging out of the back of your receiver rather than a bunch of crimped tin wire leads. Excited!

    Does anyone mark or otherwise label their wires? When I pull my old Onkyo out of the entertainment center, I'm going to have a bunch of gold plugs that all look the same. I figure some sort of color tape or mini zip ties would work best.
  • Your receiver should come with some stickers for wires. At least mine have. It's nice to label them behind the receiver because you will be moving things around, and if you're like me you have to use one hand, stand on a ladder (ok not like me) and reach waaaay behind the receiver to unplug and plug things in. Labeling makes things a ton easier.

    I wish I took my own advice because I did not label my stuff this time.
  • I just have to use one of Jen's compact mirrors and a flashlight and kind of reach to the back of the receiver from the front. It's a pain in the ass, especially with my T-Rex arms, but it's doable. The hardest is that the mirror flips things. I definitely need to label things.
  • So, center channel speakers look like they're supposed to be laid flat on one side, horizontal. However, the space that I have for a center channel is vertical, in my entertainment center. Does that matter at all?
  • It should be fine. Just get some rubber feet for it. You don't want the speaker directly on the shelf.
  • K, thanks.
  • Also, the total shipped weight of my two towers, one center, one sub, and two walls is 174lbs. rofl
  • OMG i love home theater stuff i bought a Yamaha RX-V475 a few months ago to replace my Sony (which i hated) it was old, i'm sure they sound better now
  • here's a good site to download trailers and all those cool demo reels that they show at the theater before the movie starts... if you want to really show off your home theater play some of these on movie night and watch all your friends face hit the floor LOL! I usually download the ones in DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD..
  • :nudge: thanks!
  • Pro tip. Make your cables a little longer so you can slide the Reciever out of the unit and fiddle with it ( or cut the back out of your unit like I did and slide the whole thing forward ).

    My dream for a home theatre setup is to have the space to put everything behind a wall, in another room, and all you see is the TV and Speakers.
  • Yeah I did that for most of my cables. I think I might cut a new Left cable when I get the new 50' I just ordered, that one was kind of small.

    I could probably have done it with 100' but I was giving myself good amounts of slack, oh well.
  • QUESTION what kind of rear surround speakers you guys using.... it's time to upgrade mine i want some larger ones, and put them on speaker stands instead of on the wall

    ..oh yeah i need some speaker stands too :)
  • I'm going to use the NHT Absolute Walls to match my other surrounds. Probably upgrading those two later this year or early next year, just didn't have the extra $400 to dedicate to it right now.
  • I planned on making a HT cubby when I did my basement. I wanted it all built in walls, even the speakers. You can wrap the speakers in the eggshell type foam and it will not echo or vibrate the walls. Then use the thin speaker cover type material to build removable panels that match the wall. It's a pretty slick look and the only thing you really see is the TV, which is the whole point.

    But a few things made it really tough. #1 the powered subs on my towers fire to the sides. So I would have needed new towers. #2 was heat in the cubby. You will need some sort of AC unit for it. My amp burns like the fire of a thousand suns. It would melt my xbox. #3 was IR repeaters can be costly. Especially ones that work well. If the cubby is behind the TV you're set, but if it's in the other side of the space running cables for the IR can be a bitch, especially since you'll have to access them all the time to troubleshoot.

    It's a great look. You really can't beat it, but holy hell is it a pain in the ass.
  • I thought about dong it in our place now, with everything being on the other side of the wall in my room. Like on a shelf up high.

    I bought the Logitech Smart Remote, so that could be in the other room taking care of the need for IR blasters and stuff. Just need one running to the TV.

    Of course, we would use all the extra space to store books, and shit, instead of a plain wall with the TV, but if I could convince the wife to sell the entertainment unit, and just hang the TVs and Speakers, it would open up SO much room in the main room.
  • you could always use your phone as a remote.. mine works over wi-fi with the receiver hooked to the network.
  • So, my wall speakers and center arrived today, much to my surprise. I've got some work to do.

    - I bought pin-style connectors for the speaker side of my wires, but the new speakers take banana-style, not pin-style. So I need a clutch of new banana plugs.
    - The wall speakers do not sit on a surface as I expected they would. I figured that they'd have a flat bottom - but they're meant to be wall-mounted only. So now I need to mount them to the wall. Damn it.
    - The center says in the instructions that it's only to sit horizontally, and the sides are made that way. So now I need to rearrange my HT box a bit. Not a big deal.
  • That stuff is all fun anyway.
  • Yeah, it is. :-)
  • So, I think we may mount the two surrounds on the baseboard and pull them out just a bit from the wall. It gives less exposed wire and the one is definitely not near a stud - that one might need to go on the door frame, though I have to explore where the studs are there.

    The two back surrounds (which I have not yet upgraded and so this is not urgent, I will be upgrading them this winter)... we're thinking about putting them on stands. Does anyone have good stands? NHT makes some but most are expensive as fuck. Are there any you'd recommend?
  • imo rear speaker need to be at least ear level.... mine are on the floor now and i hate it.

    i'm also looking for stands and new speakers
  • Well, I haven't listened to them yet since I don't have the plugs til tomorrow, but man, these speakers are pretty. :D
  • I bought cheap stands on Monoprice and they do the trick. They're hidden mostly behind the couch though, so function was the key over form.
  • Well, god damn it.

    The center channel is 19 inches wide. All available spots in my entertainment center thing are 18 inches wide max.

    The subwoofer is 12.6" wide. The space I had for it is probably 12" wide.

    Good thing I bought that Dremel. Time to carve some shit!
  • Yikes!!!

    Sorry dude.
  • Take pics!!!!
  • Also. Measure twice, cut once
  • Put it above your tv! That is how I used to have it. Just hang a shelf
  • Ok, so we're making progress, but we're not there yet.

    I managed to pry off part of the baseboard so that the sub will fit in that space. No one will ever even see it and it was a clean joint. That said, it hadn't been moved in 90 years, so that was a PITA.

    The center channel thing has been more difficult. Initially, we wanted to raise up the TV, so we bought a color-matching table from IKA and cut the legs to just 7" high. But that looks stupid as hell, now we're going to just mount the TV on the wall so it's kind of suspended above the entertainment center. The center channel can just sit on the top of the entertainment center and I think everything will look dandy.

    We did manage to get the right tower over to the right of the fireplace, which looks terrific. We're nearly there, but we've been working at this for what seems like forever.
  • Floating TV is best Bro.

    Where's the pics!

    ( although I've been to your place enough I can visualize it ).
  • My 65 inch rear projection Toshiba started showing white dots all over the screen. I thought I was in for a new tv but did some research and found it could be fixed with a $200 part. Luckily I have a buddy who's pretty handy and he came over and swapped it out. Now the tv is like new again. Though I have to admit there was a part of me that wanted something new.

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