• Anyone interested in this?

    I've been thinking of getting Magic 2014 to sate my need for a TCG, but this Hearthstone game looks kinda fun.

    Wonder when it'll come out. Anyone get a key? Can I have it?
  • I'm interested in it, no doubt. Though I wish they were making an Android version...

    The model is kind of scary to me, though. One thing I've learned in the last few months is that something with a CCG model is kind of overwhelming. I don't have the free time to go chasing rare cards to build out some sort of perfect deck. I really enjoy Android: Netrunner and the "LCG" model where everyone gets the same wildly varied base deck, and then you can choose to buy expansions. I think it keeps things balanced.

    So, I'm not so sure how much I'll play Hearthstone outside of a base level. I'm afraid to get back into the rabbit hole of large-scale card games like MtG. I'd much rather plan an online version of Android: Netrunner or Star Wars LCG or one of the other games like that.

    Speaking of, did anyone send Hulk an invite here?
  • Yeah I agree with your sentiments on the CCG. I like the rabbit hole, my wallet doesn't.

    I'm not to familiar with how hearthstone works. Is it play and unlock points to buy new cards, or spend money if you want? Only money?

    Sealed deck/ random tournaments are there to take away that need to hunt everything down. However I agree that games like Android and Dominion and stuff like that scratches a very similar itch for less time/money commitment.
  • I want to play some Dominion.

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