I really want a lot of PS4/XB1 launch games
  • (in no particular order)

    NFS looks fricken awesome

    Battlefield looks awesome

    Killer Instinct 20 bucks for the starting 8 (well 6+2 upon release)

    Dead Rising 3 looks awesome though I hope the build we saw at e3 is the final one. Some recent screen shots didn't look as good.

    Watch Dogs I have been looking forward to forever

    Killzone looks great and I enjoyed 2 so I am down

    Assassins Creed looks really good

    Forza 5 looks great

    Madden is looking like a step in the right direction the way everyone has individual a.i.

    FIFA 14 will give me my soccer fix

    and then a few months later we have Titanfall and Second Son.

    ....not to mention just dance and peggle 2 for the kids

    ....plus crimson dragon

    I mean seriously holy crap I'm ready for you next-gen.

  • Yea I'm with you but I'm afraid of launch goggles.

    I'm getting BF4 for sure, I'm about 95% decided on Dead Rising 3 as my other game. I'll download Peggle 2 and KI as well, but I probably won't spend any money on KI until I see how Nite digs it.

    I for sure want Watch Dogs, COD and AC4 but I'll wait til xmas for Watch Dogs and until I beat AC3 for AC4. COD I'll wait for a price drop since I just want to play the SP.

    TitanFall is a day one buy when it releases.
  • After watching that trailer, TitanFall might be the console seller for me.

    I'm really gonna want one of these in November, but I can't justify the cost. Maybe I'll move in with Fuzz.
  • or me.... ~
  • You can stay at my crib, I will show you my hood.
  • I can't decide whether I want either next gen console cause all the games I want are coming to current gen systems too. And I don't know how the next gen versions will be better. If you remember the switch back with the 360, there were games where the OG Xbox version was better than the 360 version especially the EA Sports games (the 360 version would have better graphics, but they stripped out A LOT of game modes and what you got was a very basic sports games with FIFA and Madden and shit).

    I'm surprised at the exclusives both consoles are coming with, launch lineups suck, but this time they are especially shit. I could care less about Killer Instinct, Knack, Ryse, Drive Club, Forza. These games are giving me a flash back of shit launch games from the current gen like Lair, Kameo, Ridge Racer, Genji (GIANT CRAB ACTION!). If I was gonna get a FPS, i'd get BF4 over Killzone of CoD, but i'm sick of FPS'.

    I would have liked something from Naughty Dog or Media Molecule for PS4, or a Halo or Gears game for XBOne (the Halo they did announce is nowhere close to release, Holiday 2014 I think?)

    What i'm interested in:
    Watch Dogs
    Ass Creed IV
    NBA 2k14
    maaaybe BF4

    The most interesting games won't even be out till sometime 2014:
    Infamous: Second Son

    And then there are the games that are really far out:
    The Division
    The Order: 18whatthefuckever
  • Kameo was great.
  • The launch titles really aren't drawing me in, since so many of them are just upgraded sequels, but that still makes them better than most launch lineups.

    BF4, CoD: Ghosts, and Watch_Dogs are the ones I'll definitely get before year's end. I will likely rent a Madden or a FIFA or something like that.

    Forza could be tempting but I never play those games as much as I think I will when I buy them. I'm done with Assassin's Creed probably forever. This new Dead Rising isn't doing anything for me for some reason, so I'm going to skip that, too.
  • Oh, and Peggle 2, but Peggle is transcendent.
  • Also, I was not all that geeked for Titanfall during the press conferences, but the recent set of gameplay videos has me really excited. :nudge:
  • Also I wish they ported XCOM to new consoles, I'd buy it all over again. I'll probably play the DLC on my PS3 copy.
  • Of all the games to sell me on next gen it was BF4. I am excited to play that at its launch.

    It's still a toss up between Dead Rising and Watch Dogs for me. The latest from gamescon on Dead Rising has me worried. It's not getting the best press.
  • Dead Rising just looks too... serious to me. The first Dead Rising was awesome because it was idiosyncratic and more than a little bit silly. The new one looks like it's lost a lot of that atmosphere. There are now dozens of zombie games out there, I'm not super interested in them unless they have something that makes them special.

    Watch_Dogs looks like mega boner material to me, though, as does BF4.
  • And maybe Dead Rising, by the time it ships, will have that special something. I hope it does. But for now, all I see is "yep just another zombie game."
  • Also as much as I really grew to dislike AC3, the more I think about how AC4 will be ship-focused, and ships were the best thing in AC3 by far, the more my "fuck that series" attitude fades. Damn it. :hmm:
  • Though, Watch_Dogs will probably scratch the open-world third-person action/jumping itch, so I can probably wait on another AC game for a while.
  • That was the biggest complaint out of E3. DR3 looked too serious. The guys showing it since then have gone out of their way to prove its not. I'm good either way. It looks fun.
  • @OoluKaPatha I think the jump between the 360 and the One are much bigger than the XBox to the 360, so it's dangerous to think the games will be the same on both platforms. Maybe the first few, but once they really get their hands on the power of the system, it'll be like the mobile market. Develop for the newest hardware, gimp it for the old shit.
  • I'm off the Dead Rising train for now. What a relief.
  • @NaziMod, Obviously they won't be the same, but i'm wondering just how much better the LAUNCH games will be compared to the current gen versions. That's why I gave my example of the transition last gen with EA Sports titles where the PS2/OG Xbox version were MUCH better because the 360 version had everything stripped out of it because it seems they didn't spend the time porting all the features/modes over.

    Obviously next gen games are going to be much better than current gen games going forward, once they learn the power of these consoles. But usually it takes a while before devs really learn to use the hardware.
  • Man I remember playing the first Dead Rising to DEATH (no pun intended...well maybe a little bit). I wanted that achievement where you kill x amount of zombies in like 3 hours so I did that trick where you go down in the garage with a car and just circle around for hours taunting and running over hordes of monsters. I had my laptop next to me so I watched Boogie Nights (about 3 hours) while doing it. I made it to the end of the first run and I had messed something up and the achievement didn't click. So I started again, rewatching Boogie Nights but with the commentary track. Good times. Good times.
  • LMAO. That's crazy.

    I did the same thing, but I didn't watch anything while doing it... I just drove circles and listened to music.

    Those achievements are so boring to get, but it's a great story once you have it.

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