Amazon offers 360 to XBO trade up

    Amazon customers can order select Xbox 360 titles now and upgrade them via a $9.99 trade-in later for an Xbox One version.

    The promotion, which lasts until Dec. 31, applies to games such as Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag and FIFA 14. Customers can only use the promotion once, and it must first be approved by Amazon. If more than one eligible game is selected, the promotion will only apply to the lowest-priced title.

    Additionally, those who trade-in a qualifying title will also receive $25 bonus credit toward an Xbox One game. This is in addition to the game's already existing trade-in value, which will total at least $25.

    The deal is similar to a promotion GameStop announced earlier this month. PowerUp Reward members will receive a $50 trade-in credit for specific Xbox 360 titles if they choose to upgrade to the Xbox One version. This is all part of the $9.99 upgrade offer.
  • It's a great deal for achievement hunters. I'd do it if I had more time.
  • This fits in pretty well with the cross-platform season pass concept. Get the deluxe/season pass version of an X360 game, and you get the whole version for XBone. I like this idea.
  • It's good for people wanting one of the new consoles for Christmas, but still want to play the new games.

    IT should be a significant jump in quality, so I could see myself, if I was in the position, upgrading games just for looks and stuff, and it would stop me from worrying about, say, GTA5 coming out on next gen like a month after I got it for Xbox.

    Plus it'll make a ton of sales for Amazon from people who in the end, won't care about the new version because they're done with the game.

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