Steam Trading Cards
  • Who's collecting what? I have extra.

    Dead Island
    Prison Architect

    Bioshock Infinite
  • Scrod, I have an extra Chivalry...

    I need :

    Prison Architect
  • I have three. I have no idea how they work or what they are used for.

    Have a football manager one, a kerbal one, and torchlight 2 one
  • I have a double of Billy Ripkins rookie card
  • Billy Ripkin. The forgot child.

    I mean, Cal was fucking awesome, so no surprise, but still.

    NWM. Tonight we trade.

    Lambo. They're VERY gimmicky so you're not missing much, but how it works is that each game that supports it has a badge you can create with the whole set ( badge that you can put on your profile )

    There is a set amount that "drop" while you play the game. Lets say there are 10 for the badge, you might be able to get 7 just by playing. Not tied to achievements.

    Then after you get those 7, you can only get more in "booster packs" which you get randomly just by playing Steam games.

    Once you have the set, you craft the badge and unlock emoticons and profile backgrounds. It's kinda lame.

    You can also buy and sell these cards on the marketplace. They go for like $0.15 each
  • lmao @ Fuzz!

    Lambo, the trading cards are kind of pointless. If you collect the whole set, you can craft a badge. That badge gains you XP to level your Steam account up, and it also unlocks back ground pics and other stuff. (If you look at my profile, I have a background pic) Outside of that, they serve no purpose.

    You can sell them... as a guy at work told me this morning he made $5.00 off of his spares last night.
  • $5 off spares?! How many was he selling, they aren't going for much, unless it's foil, which is stupid.

    It's the same reason I don't play Magic the Gathering Online, I want CARDS, not digital cards.
  • Yeah, he sold a lot.

    I think he made 0.15-0.25 each.

    Regardless, hit me up if you wanna trade. :brows:

    I'm DOWN!
  • Got a new Card this morning....

    I still have an extra Chivalry...

    I need :

    Prison Architect
  • OK,

    Now I have an extra:


    I need:


    Let me know if anyone is willing to trade!
  • I have a kerbal and a torchlight
  • all done! I think NWM needs Kerbal.

    I got a background and a Reus card as a reward for crafting... silly thing
  • Lambo, I could use the Kerbal
  • I've finished the set. I have Torchlight II as an extra I can trade/give
  • I need one of each
  • Randy... I don't NEED the Torchlight 2 card... I'll take it if you want to dump it... but if someone else needs it, give it to them. (Or if you want, sell it on the marketplace)
  • I'm just hooking people up who need it. I don't think anyone else is as crazy as us.

    I was trying to level the card up again, but I gave all my extras away. LOL.

    Josh, I have a TL II card you can have.
  • I just need the skyrim card for summer sale badge, have an extra football manager
  • I can look when I get home tonight to see if I have an extra Skyrim... I think I do
  • Someone gave it to me, I have my badge now :)

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