Humble Bundle - Sims 3, Battlefield 3, Mirrors Edge, Burnout Paradise more...
  • WOW!

    If you just got into PC ( @NoWareMan9 ), then you should check this out STAT!
  • My PC can't handle these. :(
  • Purchased.

    Best part... Helping Charity!!!
  • Origin took a shit because of all the sales, so you can't actually redeem them yet... lul
  • I thought that was funny to.

    I finally got around to picking them up. I might actually play The Sims 3, I've had the original and 2 other expansions for awhile, now I have 4 expansions.

    I probably wont, but Battlefield 3 with my old PC crew could be fun.

    The rest of the stuff just lets my Steam Library look bigger :)

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