Witcher 2
  • So yesterday I picked up witcher 2 for the 360. Anyone play it/enjoy it/have any tips that could be useful?

  • Niteside snagged it for $10 during the summer digital sale. I don't think he's touched it.

    I know nothing about it.
  • It's on my wishlist. That's all I know
  • I bought it and still haven't played it. Fucking Steam...
  • It was my game of the year before I played Walking Dead.

    Here's my review of it: http://www.xboxaddict.com/Staff-Review/Xbox-360/13475/The-Witcher-2:-Assassins-of-Kings.html
  • So it is pretty cool. I wish I could turn the sensitivity down. Reading review now.
  • Would it be better to play Witcher (1) before 2? Or is it not that big of a deal?
  • I am loving the hell out of it. NoWare I asked the guy at the store the same thing and he said it is a continuation but it really isn't necessary. From what I have played so far they do a pretty good job of giving his backstory so I haven't felt lost.
  • Nice!

    I plan on checking it out at some point for sure
  • I'm hooked. One thing I like about it is the crafting system is different than skyrim. Instead of all the mats being different instead it is like all plants are part of 3 sub catagories and it is that catagory that needs to be used not a specific plant. It did make me wonder if this was tucked within skyrims system but here it is evident as each flower has one of 3 colors it is associated with.
  • The combat is sweet as well though punishing (at least for me). I hear that after chapter 1 it gets easier but so far on a lot of encounters I need to really think out a plan and swith between defensive spells and swordplay.

  • @NoWareMan9 Playing 1 isn't necessary, as 2 gives you a brief back story, and if you really want more back story just read the wiki about the plotline. The combat is terrible in the first game which is why I could never finish it.

    you are making me want to play Witcher 2 again :x
  • I watched some YouTube videos of this. It looks great. I just don't have time. I will keep my eye out for #3 when it comes out.
  • I'm buying 2 on Steam tonight!

    Debating about buying 1 as well.

    Both are on sale
  • 1's gameplay wasn't that good at all, it's painful. 2 fixes everything in every way.
  • Beat this last week. What an awesome game. I can't wait for 3. Though I dug how it wasn't open world and hope that cdr or whatever there names can translate it to open world right.

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