• i don't want it, i don't want it
  • Crud... Wal Mart had the 360 version for $18!!! Already sold out

  • I played Parcel Storm map last night for first time in conquest. It was epic. Started out nice sunny day. Gradually the clouds started rolling in, and by the end of the match it was like a hurricane. Also triggered the levolution event. Gotin a chopper, flew out to see and destroyed a windmill, which freed an abandoned destroyer, which then washed ashore and took out a building with two enemy snipers on the roof. Was so cool following that and watch it happen up in the helicopter. Man.
  • Noware the better deal is still buy on 360 for 60 bucks and upgrade to XBO for 10 dollars
  • And wow. Naval combat is powerful. I was in a small fleet of three war boats, and we were speeding through the waves and tearing shit up. They are basically fast tanks on water.
  • Hit level 22!
  • The China Rising DLC is just weeks away from release, and it’s surprising that we’ve yet to see any trailers or screenshots yet. But then again, DICE is spending their time right now on fixing the base game — no reason to release a DLC when many players are still having issues with the game to begin with.
    Nevertheless, the Battlefield 4 China Rising DLC is scheduled for release on December 3rd, and we already knew some details about the expansion. For one, it will bring back the old Air Superiority game mode, and as all DLC, it’ll include new weapons and vehicles as well.
    And according to leaked promo from the official South American Battlefield 4 site, the names of the four new maps have been revealed. They are: Guilin Peaks, Dragon Pass, Taklamakan, and Altai Range. There were some rumors that the maps would be remakes of BF2 maps based in China, such as Dalian Plant and FuShe Pass. This doesn’t seem to be the case, according to the map names.
    The promo also confirms 5 new weapons, new vehicles and “technologies”, and 10 new assignments. Like most other expansion packs, the weapons are likely unlocked by completing the assignments. One of the new vehicles is the Dirtbike, and one of the new gadgets is the MUAV (Micro UAV).
    Hopefully we’ll get more details about the DLC soon. China Rising launches on December 3rd for Premium members and on December 17th for non-premium players. The DLC will retail for $15.
  • Dumb question... but what's the difference between premium and non premium?

    Is it a subscription thing, like Elite for CoD?
  • It is subscription. Includes all 5 DLC map packs, bonus weapons and gadgets, double XP events, and extra gold battle packs each month
  • Battlefield 4 Premium is a paid subscription to Battlefield 4, which includes several advantages for players. For one, Premium offers free access to all DLC, exclusive in-game items, new assignments, and much more. Battlefield 4 Premium is not included in the base game and will cost $50 (one time fee) and will be available when the game launches in Fall 2013.
    Battlefield 4 Premium details
    Developer DICE has confirmed that Battlefield 4 Premium includes many of the benefits that Premium featured in BF3. Among those are:
    Free access to all DLC and expansion packs
    Exclusive Battlefield 4 weapons and items
    Server queue priority in multiplayer
    New Battlelog features
    Exclusive awards (ribbons and medals)
    Double XP weekends once a month or so
    New dog tags, assignments, awards, etc.
    Exclusive strategy guides and videos on Battlelog
    Additional unlocks
    New skins and camos for all classes
    Ability to reset your stats if you want a fresh start
    Battlefield 4 Premium offers plenty of extra features that are worth the price. Especially if you are looking to get DLC, Premium will give you free access to all DLC, which individually will cost around $15 a piece. Premium for BF3 included 5 expansion packs, and it’s expected that Battlefield Premium will offer access to at least as many.
  • Ahhhh, got ya.

    Thanks Lambo... I assumed it was something like that...
  • So seems like leveling is faster in BF4 than BF3. I'm already at level 26 (granted I've put 35 hours I to it is that possible!?) Only have a few more assault rifles left to unlock, and have ALL the assault and recon equipment unlocked. All grenades unlocked as well...incindiary are awesome.

    My favorite is the AUG with iron sights (assault class). Seems to be really good up close and accurate will little recoil at medium range.

    Recon I'm digging the JNG with ballistic scope switching between 40x and 20x magnification, and equipping C4 to take out tanks.

    Engineer I like using the DMR type guns (the semi auto snipers) with RPGS. If air vehicles are giving me grief I'll switch to air homing rockets.

    If nobody is dropping ammo I'll play support and roll with the TYPE 88 LMG. love having 200 rounds before having to reload. Not a big fan of the support equipment...C4 got moved to recon class. I've been settling with a weapon that is like a grenade launcher. Explodes on impact, so good with making giant holes in walls. You can also set it to explode over an enemy hiding behind low cover, but haven't figured it out yet.

    Have spent very little time in vehicles so far. They seem more 'squishy' than I remember, but I'm probably just out of practice. It is a good time flying and being hit by a rocket and have your engine stall, only to get it back up and get control as you skim the top of the tree line.

    This game is so great the way it is on the 360. I'm going to be blown away on XBO.
  • One HUGE thing missing IMO is the ability to change load outs in game between matches. 60 seconds between rounds isn't enough time to unlock my phone, open the app, and change the load out.
  • I can't wait to see this game in action! :nudge:
  • You honestly sold me with this Lambeaus. I'm getting an Xbox one ( thank you walmart ) and I think I'm gonna pick this up and play with you guys. Sounds like a lot of fun and I've accepted the fact that I am going to suck
  • @Sw0rdfish, How are you getting one thru Wal Mart?
  • Scrod. You can be a crappy shot in this game and still be a huge contributor and have a great time. If people can stay together in a squad and help each other out, with dropping health or ammo spawn points or gunner in a boat, or you'd be surprised how well you do.

    With 32 people on a team it is going to be more of a group effort as opposed to one or two really good people.
  • Finally traded my ghosts for Battlefield 4 for 360, so going to use that to trade up to the XB1 version :)
  • Yea I'm not terribly good at BF4. I get a game here and there when my KD is super high, but then I get games where it's balls low. I usually hover around 1/1. But I chose medic so I can drop health and revive people. I'm the guy that rushes into a fight to pick someone up, usually dying in the process.
  • @TheFuzz - I LOVE guys like you! :love:

    And I do that sometimes too... it's fun to scramble in, save someone, and try to scramble out alive! :happysad:
  • @Battlefield: The #BF4 Commander Mode tablet app out now on iOS. Android version coming soon. Take command with your tablet:
  • @BF4Central: Battlefield 4 Commander app shown in new videos, coming Nov 19
  • I still think the tablet part of it isn't going to work. Have you tried it yet?

    I like supporting, dropping ammo or rezzing people.. I'm sure I'll have enough fun doing that.

    @NoWareMan9, I won a raffle :)
  • @ play the same way @TheFuzz
    Medic all the way!
  • @BF4Central: Battlefield 4 crashing on PlayStation 4 too

    Man it better work day one on XBO or I might freak out just a little
  • I'm sure there are going to be some hiccups during the launch weekend. Hopefully they don't last long.
  • Games crashing on consoles drives me crazy!! It's the reason people don't play PC games, they don't want to deal with hardware issues that cause the game to crash. Every Xbox is the same so the game shouldn't be crashing!!! If it is, it should be a quick fix.

    How many times a night is it dying on you? Is the whole system freezing up?
  • Yea whole system. GTA was doing it too I think.

    @BF4Central: Battlefield 4 Naval Strike teaser released
  • I need to ask for a BF4 Season know, for review purposes :o
  • You have a very old console Lambo. I would assume it's the console more so than the game.
  • Oh I know it is the console. XBO is just in time!
  • Are you on a launch unit?
  • Holy hell this looks GORGEOUS. My favorite maps from BF3. So excited....they are going to be so much better than before.
    @BF4Central: Battlefield 4 Second Assault trailer
  • thanks asshole!
  • How is the party system? I forgot to ask you that.

    Is it the same as BF3 where we can't jump from match to match together?
  • No idea. Didn't have any friends to try it out with, and I wasn't really looking for it.
  • I'm LOVING the "xbox record that" function. When we grouped up tonight I think we all recorded a few clips of funny things that happened.
  • I recorded a clip of me making sweet love to randy with my knife.
  • Weird me too... but IRL
  • Battlefield 4 patch and China Rising launch tomorrow
  • I went ahead and got it for the PC. (Too hard to pass up at $20)

    So far I have played a few single player missions, and a SMALL handful of on-line matches.

    I havent had ANY issues during the single player...

    The multi player has been a mixed bag.

    Sunday night I only got to play in 3 matches. 2 of them locked up and I had to force quit the game. 1 of them I got to play in.

    Last night it was 50/50 Not sure of how many matches I played, but half the time it played fine... the other half, locked up and I had to force quit the game.

    I REALLY hope they get this shit fixed soon. I am LOVING what I have played so far...

    I have been trying to use the keybaord and mouse... but I SUCK with it. BAD! Like Conski BAD! (No disrespect to Conski)

    Usually average 2-4 kills and 10-15 deaths with k&m... :why:

    I have only played 1 round with the controller (my last round last night), and went 14-9 (my only positive math of the night...) :happysad:

    Even though the PC people say I will only get owned using a controller... I may not be able to make the K&M switch...
  • Last night SUCKED!

    Monday night (the 2nd) I thought things were getting better... stability and crashes seemed to be down a good amount (from the day before...) Managed to play a few FULL matches...

    Then I tried to play last night....

    I tried on and off for about 4 hours... in that time, I got to start and complete ONE match....

    I keep getting the screen freeze audio loop crash, and it is really pissing me off...

    When it works, this is really an awesome game! But only finishing ONE match in a 4 hour period is ridiculous!

    Anyone else having problems? (I realize I am probably the only one playing on PC... I am hoping the Xbone version is more stable then this...)

    And to top things off, I went ahead and spent the extra $5 for the Digital deluxe version (or whatever the hell it is called) so I could at least have the China maps... and apparently I dont get them till the 16th cause I am not a Premier member. :hmm:

    At the end of the day I am not TOO upset... I knew the game had "some issues" when I bought it... but this is crazy.

    I REALLY, REALLY, hope the xbone version isnt like this...
  • I don't have issues to that extent on Xbox at all. It does have random crashes now and then, but I've gone hours and hours of matches back to back without problems as well. EA seems to really have rushed this out regardless of the open beta
  • @Varation - Glad to hear it... I will primarily be playing on Xbone (since that's where you guys are, and where my premium will be)

    Just frustrating in the mean time that the PC version is complete garbage.
  • I have played 75 hours online already, and have never once froze up or got tend dropped during a match. Only times I get dropped is before a match starts and I get booted to the dashboard. Come right back in nd get in a match no problem.

    Sometimes if I select conquest it will put me in something different, but it has gotten better.
  • Oh and I played the second assault maps last night. They look soooooooo much better than they did on the 360. Can definitely tell the difference between last gen and new gen. Night and day. And so much better with 64 players than 24
  • @Lambeaus


    Christmas can't get here soon enough! (Assuming Santa has an Xbone for me!)
  • Well, I made ONE change last night... and it made a HUGE difference.

    Instead of running Battlenet thru Google Chrome... I ran it thru Microsoft Internet Explorer (yeah, I know, I HATE that browser)

    The first match I tried to play with Chrome the game locked up just a few minutes in... :hmm:

    Switched to Explorer, and I ended up only locking up twice, and playing and completing 12 matches last night. (Both lock ups were on load screens.)

    This is a HUGE improvement... had a great time! Once again I cant wait to play with you guys on the Xbone!

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