Dark Souls - Satisfaction Guareenteed
  • Try it, die a little bit,
    die a little bit more,
    die a lot more,
    die even more.
    Get told nothing.
    Succeed a tough encounter.
  • I wanna get this game today while it's still on sale...

    But my concern is that I will never have time to play it (cause my kids are awake ALL this time... :happysad: )
  • I still need to finish it, I need more time in the day
  • I stopped playing. Final boss is bullshit
  • Wait... you got all the way to the final boss... and your not gonna finish it?

    How long did it take?

  • Also, if Dragon Age wins the current Community Vote, I am considering getting it OVER Dragon Age to fill my RPG needs... thoughts?
  • Dragon age is overrated. It hasn't aged well.

    Get dark souls
  • Final boss was fine
  • DAMN IT Fuzz... Now I am gonna have to re-think this plan all over again.

  • I didn't like Dragon Age
  • Dragon age was meh. Dark souls is fun with a guide....until the final boss.
  • Dark Souls scratches a weird itch. It's worth it just to play, never mind finishing.

    I think Lambo is right, you need to play it with a guide... or with a friend at the same time so you can discuss where to go.

    Dragon Age is for peasants.
  • This thread has made me sad.

    That is all.
  • I didn't do any of those things randal. I sunk 140 hours into it. Ya'll just bitches.
  • I didn't do them either, and the game wore on me. As everyone else put distance between me and them, I got disinterested.

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