I'm a flip flopping son of a B!....but I don't care.
  • http://news.xbox.com/2013/08/xbox-one-unboxing

    I pre-ordered an xbox one. I can't help but get caught up in the excitement of console launches. Truth is I was always going to get one so you know early birthday present for me I suppose.

    I hope to play more often with most of you guys. I need my games to last longer and the next gen push for inter-connectivity should play towards it. Things like melding single player and multiplayer in destiny and how they talk about The division.

    Ugh is it November yet?1?!?!
  • So excited!!!

  • Congrats man! I'm still torn. (I may well end up with both down the line... I don't know yet.)

    I don't need to buy a wedding ring (like some of the guys here) but my house needs a new roof. Money's tight, blah blah blah.

    I'm still playing wait and see.

    I know as it gets closer it will be harder to resist.
  • I'd say a roof is more important than an xbox :P

    I know it will be impossible to say no when that thing hits the shelf and at that point it might be hard to find. So then I would be really frustrated.

    I can't wait to play the new madden. The way each person is an individual ai instead of it being the line as one ai, backs as one ai, just on what they've shown it is awesome watching offensive players pull off and block better for you.
  • Netflix doesn't work in France. I may actually have to use my Xbox for games. :-o
  • let's not jump to conclusions too fast. There has to be an alternative.
  • Are you moving/did you move Goose?
  • Moving there at the beginning of September.
  • That would be fun. Stay safe and don't eat the foie gras.
  • I'm happy they are finally adding in a headset in the box. I'm still going to get it day 1 and wait for a special edition of ps4/exclusive I actually care about.
  • Flop! PS4 fo life!

    Actually, right now i'm not really excited about either of them. Got them both preordered from Amazon for the time being, so I'll decide closer to launch.

    If I had to get either though i'm leaning towards PS4, mainly because MS is coming off looking extremely greedy and Sony looks like the more sensible company, which feels funny saying considering how Sony was at the PS3's launch. The fact that they refuse to do something as simple as not requiring XBL Gold for Netflix, ESPN, etc.. shows how arrogant they are. I'm still trying to figure out what justifies the requirement.
  • Agreed microsoft looks like assholes. Even with all the reversing they are doing they obviously put their cards on the table. My thing is that I just like to play videogames so until they do something that actually really irritates me than that is their business.
  • I'm not even paying attention till November. They will be changing crap till then anyway.
  • Xbone day 1, woooooooo!

    Now you don't need Kinect 2.0 plugged in any longer for it it work.
  • Thinking of setting up a VPN so that I can access Netflix from Europe instead of having to play games. Thanks for not giving up on me, wooze
  • Taha,

    Explain to me how Microsoft looking greedy affects you enough to pick the PS4. If its games, features and controller, I get it. But what exactly is Microsoft doing different with the XBO that they didn't with the 360 (which you bought a few of) they've always had live requirements for Netflix, Hulu and nfl/espn stuff. They've always been greedy, what changed?

    I am trading in my PS3 this week to GameStop since they are giving double the trade in value. $120 is bad, but it's better than having the hassle of selling it for $150....if I get even that. I am going to take the credit and buy two games. Probably Dead Rising 3 and Battlefield 4. I'm not preordering from GameStop, I'm going to buy Microsoft cards and then buy digital copies from the marketplace. Digital ftw.
  • I was thinking of going all digital also but I worry it will take ages to download the game's around launch.
  • Yea that's a concern. I just don't want discs anymore. Ill just let them DL overnight.
  • How do you quote a post?

    Fuzz, well my greed statement was more based at what they were originally trying to do. And now even though they've backtracked, I find it hard to trust them. Sony was smart in just continuing what's been done, which is something i'm fine with. If you give me the option to $60 digital download with no option to lend or resell vs $60 physical copy which I can lend or resell, I will take the physical everytime. I'm not that lazy. Based on MS's original DRM plan, what's to say they don't try to implement that kind of crap further down the road?

    And the other part to that I guess is Sony has improved so much. PSN is a hell of a lot better deal than XBL Gold. I'm loving the free games they offer, they just added Hitman Absolution, and they've had BF3 and Saints Row 3, etc.. MS is giving Crackdown.. That's like a freaking launch game (ok 2007). I'm not big on digital downloads, but PSN tends to frequently have good sales where I don't mind buying digital (i won't pay retail for a digital download since I can't resell it). XBL having a good sale is like a miracle.

    As for the requiring Gold for other paid services, that's always annoyed me but I already had a 360 and Gold so I didn't care. But I figured they would use a new console to join the rest of the world but it seems they are run by idiots.

    Now Sony has finally added cross game chat, and even bundling a headset so people will actually talk now.... Sony been improving their service and what has MS done since the 360's launch to improve theirs? There's smartglass which is kinda cool, and that's pretty much it. Other than that all I see if them shoving their stupid Metro UI down everyone's thought and figuring out how to show more ads. Gmail is free and I see less ads on that.... and thats from a company that only makes its money from ads :-/

    I feel like before the Xbox division was different from the rest of Microsoft. But now the one good thing at MS has been swallowed by the old stagnant dinosaur that is the rest of the company.

    TLDR version:

    MS always been greedy, and tried to be even more so which doesn't leave a good taste in my mouth.

    Sony has gotten more gamer friendly? (I don't want to say less greedy since all companies are greedy), which makes them look better while making MS look worse.
  • Also I don't want it to sound like the only reason i'd go for the PS4 over XBOne is because "MS is greedy".

    To me right now it comes down to:

    - PS4 is $100 cheaper
    - Sony has better 1st party games than MS now, and 3rd party games are almost never exclusive anymore and should perform similarly now that they're both very similar hardware (x86 based)
    - PS+ is better value than XBL Gold

    I don't really know what the XBOne has going for it. The controller might be better? I guess the Kinect could be revolutionary but based on the current one i'm not getting my hopes up too high.
  • I never thought to trade in my PS3.

    I wonder if Amazon would take it.

    And take my Wii.
  • Wow.....I would get 4.95 for my Wii :/
  • lmao, why don't you trade it to GameStop, double credit until the 18th.
  • Cuz I reserved through amazon
  • Yeah me too, but you could use the credit towards games and accessories which you are going to get anyways. No point trading to Amazon if they are giving way less.
  • I don't think it's only Microsoft that you need to worry about implementing the DRM and always online. Both MS and Sony are leaving it up to the devs and pubs to implement whatever they want. The difference before was that Microsoft was doing it from their end. The games themselves are going to start being limited. Once a few do it and are still successful then they all will.

    You're right about the free games on PSN being better, but was PSN great right off the bat? I don't think they were giving away Hitman or Saints Row caliber games within the first two months. Yea, the games so far haven't been great, but Dead Rising 2 comes out in a few days and that's a pretty decent game. It should get better from here on out.

    This years Xbox sale was good. There were some ok $2-$5 games and some great $10-$15 games. Did you watch the sales? Borderlands 2 for $15 is a great deal. WWE13 which is $30+ EVERYWHERE (and I was watching) went for $15. I can't get to the site at work or I'd link the list. It's not nearly as good as steam, but it was a solid sale. Plus they do weekly sales. GTA IV was just $10 and all the DLC was 50% off. That wasn't even advertised. I think their marketing for these sales is terrible.

    Sure, Sony has improved a lot. But at the risk of sounding like a complete fanboy, what has microsoft needed to improve? They had the foresight to have cross game chat, messaging, videochat and all the ways to stalk your friends and watch their game progress for years since Xbox. Why should Sony get so much credit for playing catch up? Why has it taken them 9 years to do what Xbox did? Why are you so confident they are going to get it right this time?

    Please don't twist my words, I'm not saying it's perfect and they don't need to improve. There is always room for improvement. We can sit here all day and come up with ideas of things both companies can do to make their service better. Personally the fact that I see adds all over my dashboard really pisses me off and I don't care for the metro style dash, but it beats Sony's IMO. I still don't know how to view a friends trophies on the console or if you even can.
  • I wish Gamestop sold Amazon gift cards...
  • I'm broke. I won't be getting to a of games and accessories. Just console and Battlefield 4 to start.

    Amazon is giving $100 for PS3 and I have $50 worth of PS2 and Xbox games to trade in.
  • Yea I'm getting BF4 for sure. It's my only 100% for sure. Ill probably get Dead Rising too but it depends on reviews.

    Don't forget, Christmas is shortly after. :)
  • If I get battlefield will you guys be okay with me continually dying by your bullets?
  • You'll be in our squad. Lambo will protect us
  • I'll be getting BF4 too!
  • Woot Woot!
  • @Fuzz

    With the DRM, i'd rather have publishers implement DRM than it being done by MS for every single game. That way if a publisher implement crappy DRM, I can ignore their games. MS pissed me off cause they were pushing for it while Sony seems to be hands off, it won't stop publishers from doing stuff like that, but at least its not aiding them.

    And I mentioned Sony catching up to MS features to say that Sony seems to have taken away the advantages MS had, and gained some advantages of their own, so right now I can't think of anything that would make me pick a XBOne over PS4. This current gen you can say 1) XBL as an online gaming service was better with cross game chat and more people talked because of bundled mic - that advantage is gone. 2) Xbox games performed better because PS3 was harder to develop for - that seems to be gone with similar architecture. 3) 360 was cheaper - that's gone.

    So I wasn't praising Sony for catching up, but that they focused on fixing the disadvantages they had against MS, while MS seems to have stagnated completely this current gen. And then on top of that they've made PS+ a much more appealing overall appealing service. I don't know how PS+ was at the beginning, but its good now and that's what MS has to compete against. Right now the games they are throwing as a bone to gamers are laughable, are we just supposed to trust MS and believe that they're going to start giving away much better games soon?

    MS seems too busy with their NFL stuff and Halo TV show to really innovate on the gaming side. At least Sony is trying to do something interesting with the Gaikai streaming stuff. That'll probably not be very good, but at least they're trying. The only gaming related announcements I see from MS are about Kinect. It's all about software now and IMO MS, as the biggest software company in the world, should be coming off with stuff Sony could only dream of. Instead they show us stupid shit like watching a movie and then snapping a movie trailer next to it.... out of all the possibilities, they use that as an example for snapping? I'm telling you MS has hired the same monkeys that were at Sony around the PS3's launch.

    Anyways, give me some reasons why the XBOne will be better than PS4. Right now all I can think of is maybe the controller is better.
  • Oh there's one thing I like about the XBOne. The matchmaking feature they announced where it'll pair assholes with other assholes so we don't have to deal with it. If that works well, that would interest me a lot.
  • I can't decide. :-/
  • I can't argue with anything you said Taha. All of it is true. To me it comes down to games. I prefer the Halos, Gears and Fables over uncharted, god of war and LBP.

    Last of us was the best game I've played I years but a sequel to that can't even lure me over.
  • I was originally going to buy both, but think I'm just going to buy one. I have had a really good experience with Playstation Plus and wanted to continue that into buying a PS4.

    However, my Xbox 360 is not long for this world, I don't think. It's really starting to lag on even simple tasks and has frozen up more times in the last 6 months than in the previous several years.

    So, I think my plan is to get an Xbox One if for no other reason than to replace my Xbox 360. My PS3 (and Playstation Plus for that) will still be kickass until I get a PS4.

    I will probably buy BF4 on Xbox One and Ghosts there as well, though knowing that many of my CoD friends won't be on Xbox One yet kind of sucks.
  • I haven't really been paying attention. I'm excited for them, but I'm waiting till time gets closer.

    I'm sure we'll end up getting one of them eventually, but with the wedding less than a year away, unless I get it through my company on a Best Buy order, I wont be getting it till sometime next November at the earliest.
  • I preordered a PS4. I feel like I've got my gaming eggs in Sony's basket at this point. I plan to grab a used xbox 360 at some point because I want to play the rest of the Gears games and some Forza.

    It seems too that the only person I've been able to actually connect with to play multiplayer is my brother, and he's Sony as well. He's also preordering a PS4.

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