Oculous Rift: Future of gaming or kinect 2.0
  • My feelings on this are that this thing is as gimmicky as 3D or the Kinect. It'll get good reviews, sell well, be sort of adopted and then the support for it by devs will be spotty and the games that do support it will be half assed.

    I think it's better than the Kinect in the sense that more people would use it and more people want to game that way, but it's far from an optimal way to game.
  • It really depends on the game. I don't see all of us wearing them at Fuzzfest. I don't see two friends passing a set back and forth on a couch.

    But I can totally see myself putting a set on with my Astros and playing Bioshock or Skyrim on nights I really want to get into the game.
  • I am all over this shit. Ever since playing the virtual reality game back in the early 90s where you hunted the other person on the chessboard I have wanted this.

  • I think mostly I'm afraid of getting motion sickness from this thing.

    That's probably why I'm kinda meh about it.
  • Rumor has it Everquest Next may use it...which would be the reason I buy it.... :x
  • I hear you sword, I just figure it won't be terrible especially if I don't game 3 hours at a time.

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