Saints Row 4 Character Creator is up
  • My nearly naked, big tittied, heavily tatted girl with tiny shorts and bright pigtails is pretty much flawless. So I will import her to the new game.

    The creator is up if you guys want to make some dudes. You can import them into the final game when it comes out.
  • Time to go download this!
  • Oh snap. I rarely changed my guy's looks though. I was happy with him and left him. Changed his hair once or twice. That's it.
  • My nearly naked, big tittied, heavily tatted, morbidly obese guy with tiny shorts and bright pigtails is soon to be realized.
  • LMAO @Goose

    I'm back in on getting this. Sold some shit today and made over $60. Now to decide XBox or PC. Fuzz and Lambo ( anyone else? ) VS. Alone, Great Graphics and Mods.

  • Pretty sure nite is getting it
  • I'm getting on on Xbox, so that's the one you want
  • Well it's $10 cheaper on PC and I get %10 off for having Saints Row III

    If I do get it, it'll be PC. I'm gonna try and hold out for a sale somewhere and play my backlog.
  • Have fun playing by yourself then douche
  • As excited as I am for this I am going to pass for a while. GTA has me more excited. Ill get this when it's cheap.
  • Or get it on Xbox to play with us then pick it up on Steam when it's ten cents at xmas sale.
  • I'm not getting it at all, but to be honest the way my time to play lines up with everyone else, saving $20 makes more sense than buying the "lesser" version for $20 to maybe play a few minutes with you guys.

    I blame myself, but fact is I don't get on to play till after 10 or 11 and most of you are in bed.
  • Pfft, that's when I play :P
  • I'm waiting till it is ten bucks on steam
  • 7.3 on IGN. OUCH.

    Reviewer says the entire game is easy mode with no challenge. Character is too powerful.

    Oh and the Dubstep gun is crap :why:
  • That's disappointing. Ill read the review later.
  • I'm sure I'll still buy it when it's cheap!
  • Now I'm conflicted, I'm sure it'll be cheap during the winter sale.
  • As an aside, my daughter ended up getting PS Plus. I recommended she try Saints Row the Third because it was free to download. She LOVED it. It ended up being the first game she ever "completed" as far as story goes. She's already started playing the new one. I'll snag it eventually.

    I personally have always liked the Saints games better than GTA but looking at the recent GTA V videos has me pretty amped for its release. Just don't know if I can find the time to play now that school is starting up.

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