Mass Effect 3
  • So I lost the saves of me1-2 that I had so I'm kinda hessitant. Was it worth it to play through if you lost all of the teammates you would have had?
  • Yea absolutely. People shit over the ending, but it was overblown a little bit.
  • It's on my list of games to finish.
  • I'm just so mad that I don't have my saves.

    That is the main thing var, I want to see how the story arc ends. People complained hardcore and I never heard what it was so I"m like screw it just play it.

    I think they offered some free dlc after the ending also, I hope this is still available.
  • Yea there was a bunch of DLC offered. I know there was a free "ending" and another DLC that took the sting away.

    I know nothing if how it ended, but I imagine its a cliffhanger.
  • of the original endings, only one was cliffhanger. And only in the smallest sense. The endings were basically pallet swap
  • Ariane played the SHIT out of Mass Effect. She's easily the most invested of any one I know and she loved it. She thought it played out well.

    You have to remember that they were telling a story. As much as you were controlling aspects of it, they had an arch to tell.

    According to her, it was great.
  • Woot woot. Hopefully will start soon!
  • She just started Mass Effect 1 again today.... She's nuts.
  • ME1 and ME2 are some of my favorite gaming moments. I started 3 but haven't been able to get into it. I'll try again because I know there is love in my heart for it.

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