Canadian Targets $150.00 wiiu basic

    I'd totally get one for 150 even being the basic I'll just use my own hdd.
  • Pretty good deal. I'd buy that just for the DK game.
  • Hell yeah. I'd get zombie u and lego undercover as well. This is about the price i'd bite at.
  • I'd rather have a 3DS XL at that price
  • can't argue that there is more to play at the moment on the 3ds.
  • worth it for lego city undercover
  • That's a price I'll jump in at. However with next gen coming out in November and wedding trips and rings, I don't know if I'll be able to snag this for a while.
  • RINGS?!?
  • I want to play lego city undercover and I'd like to try zombie u. I want wonderful 101 but honestly it looks like the type of game that after 3 hours I'm finished with (in terms of desire to play).
  • I'm thinking sometime next year. But with a 5 day trip to Hawaii for her brothers wedding and Randy's. money will be tight even with the ring I have for trade in value.
  • Nice dude. Good luck!

  • Thanks. Turns out trying to get engaged 10 years ago is finally paying off. The grand I spent back then is worth $1500 now in trade. The only kicker is that I have to spend double the trade in to actually trade it in. Just means Jess will get something for $3k that I don't have to worry about paying half really.
  • I have a guy that can help make custom jewelry if you want to bounce design / cost off him as another option. HOLY hijack.

    I agree with Fuzz. The 3DS is the better buy.
  • What a sad state nintendo is on when people would choose a handheld wihtout two sticks over their main console.

    I agree that at the moment the 3ds if you didn't have one is a better buy but honestly after having one for awhile the graphics kinda suck and it is hampered by not being dual sticked.

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