Walking Dead (360) SPOILERS
  • I finished it. I'm ready to talk choices!!
  • I wish there was a statistic or list in the game that shows what choices you made. I can probably look up in a guide but I don't want to spoil other stories.

    I did like it but there were some things that were off based on choices I made.

    I was team Kenny tho. Until the end. After Clem I sided with him on everything.
  • Yea I was Team Kenny as well.

    What did you pick about Kenny's family? You do it or let him? I did it, but I struggled deciding with it.

    Same with the end, with the last choice you get with Lee.
  • I didn't even realize there were game changing choices in this. I haven't had time to go through the chapter I have yet
  • At the end of each chapter you can see how your choices lined up with everyone else. That should be a good list.
  • Yea but those statistics never show up again. At least that I can find on the 360 version. Then again the 360 version didn't have invert controls so who knows.

    Major spoilers below...you have been warned!

    I chose Duck over Hershals son.
    I chose the girl reporter over the guy in the pharmacy.
    I chose to chop the guys leg off in the woods.
    Any food I had went to the kids first, then Kenny and family.
    I let the angry dad with heart problems eat the people meat, but nobody else.
    I held Lilly back while Kenny dropped the air conditioner on his head.
    I killed the first brother from the farm with the pitchfork.
    I let the other you fight in the yard live, but get eaten by walkers.
    I chose to leave the car with the supplies alone, but the rest of them decided to steal everything.
    I left Lilly by the side of the road.
    I killed Duck for Kenny
    I killed the boy in the attic.
    I dropped Ben from the tower to be eaten.
    I had Clem kill Lee.

    I had a few wtf moments.

    One was on the roofs trying to find Clem. Lee had the walkie and Kenny bumped him and he dropped it into a hole in the roof. The girl jumped in after it. She threw up the walkie but couldn't get out. Kenny jumped in after and lifted her up. Kenny supposedly gets eaten off screen. Lee gave that girl a dirty look like it's her fault. This makes no sense since Kenny caused him to drop it, kenny chose to jump in, she had nothing to do with Kenny jumping in.

    The last part with the crazy guy was off for me. He kept calling me a thief even though I didn't steal from him. I get that he's crazy, and he called me out on all of the other shit I did but he kept pushing and pushing that because I was a thief his wife left him.

    There were other moments where I chose something to say only to have it come across more harsh or bad than I wanted. Like I wanted to calm Clem down after someone died, I chose "Bad stuff happens, we don't get to chose" and Lee would say "Shit happens, you can't do anything about it" and Clem would be upset I was so mean. I'd exit to the menu and chose again. I didn't want to baby her, but I didn't want to be an asshole either.

    Little things like that really took me out of the game for a minute, but I really loved it overall. I can't wait for season 2.

  • I still need to play 400 Days, but I'm also super excited for Season 2.

    I had a few of the same moments Fuzz, where I WANTED to say the choice option they present on screen, but Lee says it in a very different way.

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