Move to G+
  • So Fuzz and I were talking, and thought about moving this mess to G+ instead of using these forums.

    Posts and Notifications would be more in our face, especially those of us that use gmail and other google things.

    It's one less password to remember, unless you don't use gmail I suppose.

    Mostly I think it'll keep activity and discussions more active.

    Unless someone has a good reason why not, we'll try it out.
  • I think we should move back to GameSpot
  • Gamespot can eat a dick.

    What was that first forum we invaded?  Was like a game's forum. Before you could make your own.
  • I think that was before I was involved, or was that Deep Fighter?  Or was Deep Fighter the predecessor to Goose's Garage?
  • might be deep fighter. I dont remember anymore.  It was definitely a Gooses Garage Beta
  • I'm in, because I'm always jacked into the Googles.
  • I'll accept the invite and get back on the google-face-space
  • I have no idea how to use G+
  • I'm with @Variation.

    Someone post a link to the page/board or something?
  • I kind of hate Google Plus.  :happysad:

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